Titled “Do You Know Why We Chose the Arabian Gulf University?”

Independent Kuwaiti Students Gathering in Bahrain Launch Campaign to Assist Newly Graduated Secondary School Students 

The Independent Kuwaiti Students Gathering in Bahrain has launched a social media campaign titled; “Do You Know Why We Chose the Arabian Gulf University?”, targeting male and female students who recently graduated from public and private secondary schools and aspire to study medicine at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The campaign highlights AGU’s role in refining leadership personalities and developing researcher and creative mentality among its students. It also includes an overview of the university’s history, which dates back to 1980, when it was established with the blessing of Their Majesties and Highnesses the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states at that time.

The campaign also underscores that the university is accredited by all GCC countries and a member of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW). Moreover, it has left a significant mark on the State of Kuwait, with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences hosting the academic chair of the late Shaikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah, former Emir of Kuwait, in the field of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology since 1997.

Additionally, the campaign also details the educational system adopted by AGU, which focuses on solving medical problems through student groups, as well as simulation-based learning through advanced educational and technological solutions provided by the Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre and the Anatomy Museum, which is rich in scientific materials related to all medical specialties.

Moreover, the campaign cites hundreds of Kuwaiti medical professionals who have graduated from AGU, including Kuwait’s Minister of Health Dr Ahmed Al Awadhi, Dr Dana Al Haqqan and Dr Muthanna Al Sartawi. Current students and graduates interviewed by the campaign praised the university’s educational system, stating that it challenges students’ capabilities and opens up new horizons for research, achievement and creativity. They also commended the efforts of the faculty members and their understanding of student needs.

The organisers of the campaign opened the door to inquiries and questions from newly graduated students and their parents regarding registration and admission procedures, academic and clinical study years, and internship requirements.

It is worth noting that the student team behind the campaign was formed under the supervision of the Kuwaiti Cultural Office in Bahrain and aims to facilitate communication with Kuwaiti students at the Arabian Gulf University, and to continue their colleagues’ path by supporting new Kuwaiti students at the university through organising activities and events in coordination with the relevant bodies.

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