The DataFlow Group supports Bahrain ministries to bolster skilled employment across key industries

The DataFlow Group, a leading provider of verification services, is supporting Bahraini ministries and government sector authorities in authenticating educational degrees and certificates for skilled professionals across the country. This strategic collaboration aims to strengthen Bahrain’s skilled employment sector, driving sustainable economic growth across key industries.

Bahrain’s Prime Minister’s Office recently enforced a new requirement for all public and private sector institutions to verify the authenticity of educational degrees and international accreditations. While equivalency is no longer a requirement, professionals seeking employment in key growth sectors such as vocational institutions, legal practice, and education, must now provide verified educational and license documents.

The DataFlow Group will closely collaborate with several Bahrain ministries to provide comprehensive primary source verification (PSV) services to applicants seeking employment, in line with the new requirements. This integral role involves authenticating essential employment documents, including academic degrees, employment certificates, professional licenses, work permits and passports. PSV ensures the authenticity and accuracy of documentation required for employment, contributing to the country’s highly skilled workforce.

The Government of Bahrain forecasts the size of the country’s workforce to double by 2030 and skilled professionals are required to support the country’s growth in specialised sectors. The employment of verified applicants aligns with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, which places integral importance on establishing a first-rate educational system that upholds the highest quality standards.

Sunil Kumar, the DataFlow Group’s CEO, said: “The DataFlow Group is well-positioned to support Bahrain’s vision and requirements for highly skilled professionals to foster the country’s growth and safeguard employment standards. The requirements outlined by Bahrain’s ministries calls for verification to support professions in specialised sectors, which is a crucial step in attracting top talent to the country and delivering superior professional services.”

As specialists in PSV, the DataFlow Group is committed to safeguarding communities by minimising the threat of fraudulent employment applications. Collaborating with international government bodies, regulatory authorities, and public and private entities, the organisation not only ensures enhanced safety measures but also contributes to the establishment of skilled workforces within key sectors, which are aligned with Bahrain’s future economic growth plans.

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