Tamkeen to hold consultation sessions starting from next Sunday

As part of the ongoing efforts to facilitate customer communication and involve them in the upcoming plans and strategic priorities, and developing the programs and services to dynamically align with the labor market changes, the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) announced a series of consultation sessions will take place on the 24th and 25th September 2023.

These consultation sessions will be focused on several pillars aimed at the following segments: training service providers, human resource specialists in the private sector, as well as business owners and enterprises.

Participants in these sessions will have the opportunity to interact directly with representatives from Tamkeen and share their feedback and observations on the most prominent opportunities and challenges they are currently facing. In addition to discussions around employing Tamkeen’s support to achieve their development objectives in line with Tamkeen’s continuous efforts to verify the impact of its offerings in the labor market.

The consultation sessions will highlight the most prominent strategic priorities under the current strategic cycle.

The concerned segments can visit the events page on Tamkeen’s website for more information regarding the consultation sessions and how to register for attendance.  

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