Tamkeen supports the career progression of 170 Bahraini employees at Delmon Poultry Company B.S.C

The Labour Fund “Tamkeen” announced the career progression support to 170 Bahraini employees at Delmon Poultry Company B.S.C., equivalent to 77% of the total Bahraini workforce employed at the company, with a total of 220 employees. Tamkeen’s support comes as part of the wage increment program, which covers the full cost of the employees’ salary increase, up to 20%, for a duration of two years. The program contributes to supporting the career development of national talent and encourages organizations to increase the wages of their employees to motivate and retain them. 

Delmon Poultry Company (B.S.C.) is a public shareholding company established in 1980, aiming to provide local products with the highest quality international standards and measures. Recently, the company has expanded by opening a new hatchery which is expected to double production capacity by 40%. Delmon Poultry Company is considered one of the prominent contributors to food security in the Kingdom of Bahrain falling under the manufacturing sector, which is the second-largest contributor to the national economy among the non-oil sectors after the financial sector. The sector has witnessed many developments and initiatives, most notably the Industrial Sector Strategy (2022-2026) as well as the national strategy to achieve food security in the Kingdom.

“Supporting local factories is at the forefront of Tamkeen’s interests as part of the strategy to develop the manufacturing sector, which is one of the most important contributors to the national economy, having contributed 13% to the GDP last year,” said Tamkeen Chief Executive, Her Excellency Ms. Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez on the occasion.

“Accordingly, this support directly aligns with our objectives of creating more job opportunities for local talent, enhancing their career development, and increasing this sector’s contribution to the national economy.”

In addition, Mr. Hussain Falah, Chief Administrative & Financial Officer said: “Tamkeen’s support programs are a catalyst for Bahraini companies interested in developing and retaining their employees across various fields, especially within the vastly growing manufacturing sector.

“Through this support, we were able to increase the wages of local talent at our company, thus rewarding their performance and contributing to their career progression.

“This will aid us to expand our operations by doubling the production capacity in the upcoming period.”

It is worth mentioning that last year, Tamkeen supported Delmon Poultry Company by funding a technological machine, the first of its kind in the GCC region, which gave the company the opportunity to advance and grow in the field of food security. This initiative aligns with Tamkeen’s strategic objectives for 2024, focused on economic impact and the private sector under three pillars: increasing economic participation through new employment opportunities for new entrants, expanding career development opportunities available to the Bahraini workforce, and further developing the private sector by supporting enterprises and boosting productivity and the adoption of technology.  

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