Sustainable Tourism Paves Way for Balancing Development and Environmental Preservation

Mr. Ali Amralla, the CEO of “Visit Bahrain,” a leading destination management company in Bahrain, emphasized the significance of promoting environmentally conscious and sustainable tourism. He highlighted its crucial role in advancing sustainable development and safeguarding the environment, natural and cultural heritage, ecosystems, and habitats, and underscored that sustainable tourism serves as a foundation for striking a harmonious equilibrium between tourism progress and the preservation of the environment and natural resources.

This supports the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and the Bahrain Tourism Authority in developing the tourism sector as a whole. Mr. Amralla said.

Furthermore, Mr. Amralla stressed the importance of bolstering Bahrain’s tourism offerings and future travel destinations to boost competitiveness. This approach also aims to achieve economic, social, and environmental growth in tourist regions. He affirmed the necessity of adopting policies and strategies that focus on sustainable tourism and the integration of biodiversity into Bahrain’s tourist destinations.

Mr. Amralla also called for the formulation of sustainability guidelines tailored to the tourism sector and the establishment of reference standards for consultation. He highlighted the critical role of implementing sustainability criteria across diverse tourist facilities, and advocated for the adoption of a comprehensive guide for all tourism sector entities and representatives, outlining the finest practices in the field of sustainable tourism, as featured in International Tourism Planning & Development.

The CEO of “Visit Bahrain” stated the crucial nature of backing environmentally conscious endeavors within hotel establishments and embracing forthcoming global trends that emphasize responsible tourism and sustainability. This process aims to ingrain these values within local tourist destinations and amenities, motivating them to heighten their dedication to sustainability benchmarks. Encouraging initiatives are being taken to amplify sustainable awareness within the sector and among tourists, along with a focus on innovation and digital transformation within the industry. These actions seek to boost revenues, foster growth, and create opportunities for SMEs. These efforts align with Bahrain’s Vision 2030 and the objectives of its economic agenda.

“The transition to sustainable tourism represents a strategic move towards positioning the Kingdom of Bahrain as a premier destination for global travelers seeking high-quality sustainable experiences. This entails an advanced tourism product crafted through innovative environmentally friendly practices, which not only limit carbon emissions but also foster sustainable advancement. This aligns with the future aspirations of the tourism and travel sector, marked by its commitment to promoting sustainable, economically prosperous, and environmentally responsible tourism.” According to Mr. Amralla.

“It’s imperative to further expanding the sector by adopting solutions and initiatives, and enacting effective measures that resonate with the Kingdom’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and attaining climate neutrality. Such endeavors stand as essential pillars in enhancing the quality of life for citizens, residents, and tourists.”

Mr. Amralla urged tourist establishments, tourist attractions, and hotels to allocate resources towards the adoption of sustainable technologies, with the aim of cultivating a more ecologically viable tourism sector. Such endeavors would not only enhance the industry’s sustainability but also play a pivotal role in realizing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and reaching a state of net-zero emissions by 2050. Furthermore, these efforts are instrumental in furnishing a well-defined pathway for local tourism enterprises, travel agencies, tour operators, and similar entities to align their operations with principles of sustainability.

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