stc Bahrain gears students for the back-to-school season with exciting new offers and promotions

stc Bahrain, a world-class digital enabler, is launching exciting new promotions and offers for the back-to-school season, preparing families for the start of the school year. As part of the campaign, stc Bahrain is offering an invincible 2-in-1 bundle, which presents an excellent opportunity to acquire two iPads or a MacBook Air with an iPad, a bundle consisting of two Acer laptops, or a Lenovo laptop and tablet. Customers can enjoy these unique bundles with selected stc Fiber and 5G Home broadband plans.

Additionally, stc Bahrain will be offering a wide variety of laptops, tablets, devices and accessories that meet different school set specifications and student requirements at the customer’s convenience of budget with easy instalments and seamless payment methods.

Commenting on the offers, Chief Consumer Officer Karim Tabbouche said, “As we prepare for the back-to-school season, we anticipate a surge in demand for devices that will be used for the learning and development of students for the upcoming school year. We are proud to become the ultimate destination for families selecting back-to-school devices, providing added value and alluring offers, leading the market with our wide range of devices that cater to the needs of every individual.”

He continued “We offer a distinct value proposition that caters to diverse purchasing preferences, providing excellent value for money and convenient instalment plans. Customers have the freedom to choose from the highly appealing 2-in-1 bundle or explore discounted options from our wide range of portfolio.”

To strengthen its positioning within the market, stc Bahrain customized its packages to fit within the lifestyles of families preparing for the beginning of the school year, giving them the freedom to choose what fits them best at all phases.

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