stc Bahrain achieves 10Gbps speeds during its first live 5G-advanced (5.5G) trials to become among the pioneers in MENA region

Leading Bahrain towards another technological breakthrough, stc Bahrain proudly announces the successful completion of 5G-advanced trials in the MENA region, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of next-generation connectivity.

The live demonstration was showcased during the 31st Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) making use of TRA’s Innovation license made available via its regulatory sandbox to use the U6GHz frequency spectrum (400MHz bandwidth) for 5G-advanced.

As part of phase one testing, an unbeatable transfer speed of over 10Gbps was achieved. This represents a pivotal moment in stc Bahrain’s technological breakthroughs and achieving remarkable performance results, setting new standards in 5G connectivity.

Commenting on 5G-advanced trials, Eng. Nezar Banabeela said, “The completion of our first live 5G-advanced trials is an extraordinary achievement for Bahrain; a technological leap in the country’s digital journey and commitment to shape the future of connectivity. This will have a huge impact on how we connect and communicate, adapt to IoT and AI technologies, and progress to be more digitally savvy and multi-connected community.”

“We are excited with what we have witnessed so far; and the potential it has, to complement existing 5G networks with new data transfer speeds, low latency, and network reliability. This is just an initial breakthrough as we continue to research and test similar technologies and set new industry benchmarks,” he added further.

stc Bahrain became one of the leading operators to offer 100% coverage of 5G network and associated ICT services to consumer and businesses in Bahrain. The company has always been at the forefront of supporting the country’s vision to transform itself into a world-class digital enabler by exploring new cutting-edge technologies like achieving a 10Gbps record in 5G-advanced testing.

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