Smile Joins Forces with King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center in Jordan

Smile initiative, a Bahrain Future Society for Youth program that provides psycho-social support to children with cancer and their parents in Bahrain, has signed an agreement with the King Hussein Cancer Foundation in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This agreement is an integral part of the initiative’s strategic vision, focused on broadening its network of connections with different institutions and centers dedicated to aiding cancer patients and ensuring their well-being and social support.

During the recent visit of the “Smile” initiative delegation to the King Hussein Cancer Center, the agreement was signed by Mr. Sabah Abdulrahman Al-Zayani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bahrain Future Society for Youth, and Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish, the Director-General of the Foundation.

The agreement outlines various collaborative efforts, such as organizing training courses and programs in professional and administrative fields, offering technical advice for program and project development, and increasing cancer awareness through joint activities and materials.

Additionally, the partnership will focus on medical education and conducting research in radiation oncology to enhance oncology competencies in Bahrain. The agreement also includes preparing a joint proposal for the “Supporting the cost of cancer treatment at KHCC” project, implementing non-clinical support programs for cancer patients and their families, organizing periodic conferences to support innovation in cancer treatment and care, and prioritizing children’s health.

Mr. Sabah Abdulrahman Al-Zayani emphasized the significance of establishing a cooperative relationship between the “Smile” initiative and the King Hussein Cancer Center. He highlighted the importance of activating this partnership to achieve the shared goals of both parties in supporting cancer patients and providing them with essential medical and social care.

Mr. Al-Zayani pointed out that the agreement with such a reputable and expert institution in the field of cancer would offer members of the initiative valuable experiences in oncology treatment and care for sick children. This, in turn, would contribute to elevating the standard of treatment and scientific research in both the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider region. He underscored that this collaboration marks a pivotal milestone in the journey of the “Smile” initiative and reflects its ambitious vision in formulating a comprehensive action plan. This plan primarily focuses on enhancing the services provided to children with cancer in Bahrain and aims to improve their medical and psychological support throughout their treatment journey.

Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish, Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center, expressed her delight in signing the agreement with the “Smile” initiative. She emphasized that this collaboration presents a significant opportunity to strengthen the perception of joint charitable and humanitarian endeavors between Bahraini and Jordanian societies.

Mrs. Qatamish highlighted that “Smile” has evolved into a distinguished partner of the Center, and with this agreement, both parties are committed to sustaining their collaborative efforts and attaining the envisioned outcomes in the field of cancer treatment and scientific research related to cancerous tumors.

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