Security 1 and Industry Leaders Collaborate to Elevate Bahrain’s Security Landscape

Security 1, a division of Ebrahim K. Kanoo, hosted a security-focused seminar, “Technology and Trends: Looking Ahead,” at the Gulf Hotel. The forum brought together the vibrant security community of Bahrain, including leading project consultants, contractors, end-customers, and technology enthusiasts, with industry-leading global solution providers to discuss the latest security challenges, market developments, and disruptive trends.

Over 100 attendees learned about the latest security trends, including the use of AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, cybersecurity, and smart building automation to create smarter and safer spaces.

Waleed Kanoo, Director of Ebrahim K. Kanoo, said: “In the face of rapid technological advancements, there is a growing demand for solutions that keep pace with this evolving threat landscape. The government’s vision of integrating Industry 4.0 solutions positions technology as a key driver for companies to analyze and enhance their processes, boost productivity, and optimize costs for maximum profitability. This forum serves as a platform to navigate these issues and foster collaborations that address any future challenges that may arise.”

The forum began with a keynote address by Ramgopal Menon, General Manager of Security 1. Menon emphasized the importance of staying at the forefront of industry disruptive trends to enhance the safety of homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure.

The forum also shed light on cybersecurity concerns, discussing recent cyberattacks on factories in Bahrain and underscoring the vulnerability of various systems, including surveillance systems, access control, fire alarms, and building management.

Security 1 showcased its comprehensive solutions and live demo centres, designed to meet the requirements for any project launch. The company also highlighted its track record, which includes continuous operation for over seven years with no downtime in some of Bahrain’s most significant installations.

“Security 1 is committed to elevating standards in the Bahrain market,” said Menon. “We adhere to the most stringent technical certifications and ISO certifications to provide the highest security possible. Our collaborative efforts with industry leaders, such as Johnson Controls for building management, Corning for infrastructure materials, and Avigilon for AI-based CCTV and VMS systems, IntelexVision for Industry 4.0 embraced analytics and Edwards for cybersecurity shielded fire alarm as a systems provider, ensure we remain committed to excellence.”

As the responsible system integrator dominating the major security projects in Bahrain, Security 1 leverages its partnerships with world-class brands and service providers to act as a one-stop-shop that offers comprehensive and cutting-edge security solutions. The forum overwhelmed attendees as they acquired a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of the industry-leading innovations.

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