Sabre and Qatar Airways host a workshop for key travel agencies in Bahrain

In collaboration with Qatar Airways, Sabre hosted a workshop for key travel agencies in Bahrain to learn about the IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC) content. The focus of the workshop was on NDC awareness and the regional availability of Qatar Airways’ NDC Content on Sabre’s global distribution system.

Sabre conducted a workshop on the Introduction to Sabre NDC, listing the participating airlines at Sabre NDC. It’s available through the Sabre 360 Graphical interface, followed by a live demo.

Participants learned about end-to-end NDC shopping, NDC pricing, NDC Order Create, NDC Order Fulfillment, and NDC Order Re-shop through the graphical interface. Additionally, they gained insights into the activation process through Sabre Central Market Place.

Qatar Airways’ NDC content is the first EMEA-based airline partner to launch NDC content in the Sabre Marketplace. This integration provides easy access for travel agencies to shop, book, and manage dynamic pricing and relevant bundled offers from Qatar Airways. Qatar’s NDC content is accessible through Sabre Red 360, Sabre’s agency point-of-sale tool, as well as its NDC-enabled Offer and Order Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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