Runaya and TAHA extend their global footprint – From India to the World

Runaya & TAHA International, market leaders in aluminum dross processing, have extended their cooperation from India to the rest of the world. Through a strategic partnership, Runaya and TAHA aim to set up end-to-end dross processing and refining facilities for major primary global aluminum smelters. This partnership will strengthen both Runaya and TAHA’s global aspirations and footprint, spurring a culture of innovation in the aluminum industry.

For over three years, Runaya has deployed TAHA’s patented hot dross processing technology along with know-how on cold dross processing and manufacturing of value-added products. These facilities have been set up at various Indian smelters, providing environment-friendly metal recovery, zero-waste, and recycling of hazardous waste. Runaya has also recently obtained a patent on a process to produce high-value-added products from metal depleted dross residues after green metal recovery utilizing TAHA’s Hot Dross Processing Technology. Leveraging Runaya’s proven track record in execution, coupled with TAHA’s cutting-edge technology, their strategic partnership aspires to transcend borders and increase market share.

Excited about the progress made in India, Frank Pollmann, Director and founder of TAHA International said, “Runaya’s successful contribution to greening the Indian aluminium industry has proven time and again that commitment to technological innovation and sustainable solutions is an effective tool to both combat environmental challenges and help businesses grow. I am excited about the coming projects that TAHA and Runaya will develop in the years to come.”

Annanya Agarwal, Co–Founder & CEO of Runaya said, “Sustainability is a global concern, and our core philosophy is to transform waste into wealth and build a greener, more sustainable world. Through our collaboration with TAHA, we have already covered 67% of India’s primary aluminum production, and this serves as a testament to the immense potential for expansion, and the global opportunity. Our success in the Indian market provides a solid foundation for us to build upon and establish partnerships that have an impact across the world. Our commitment to converting waste into valuable resources underscores our dedication to environmental leadership and positions us as a catalyst for positive impact worldwide”.

TAHA’s and Runaya’s commitment to harmonize economic growth and environmental responsibility was emphasized in a study by Ernst & Young in collaboration with a leading Austrian mining & metal institute in 2021. The study showed that TAHA’s Hot Dross Processing technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80 percent compared to conventional methods. Joining forces on a global scale, both companies believe that their unique proficiency in making the handling and processing of aluminium dross environmentally friendly and zero-waste will contribute to the aluminium industry’s great duty to prevent harm to the environment at large while also facilitating sustainable and continued growth.

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