Royal College of Physicians of Ireland opens examination centre in Bahrain to meet huge Middle East demand for highly qualified medical professionals

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) has opened a new clinical examination centre in the Crown Prince Centre for Training and Medical Research, Bahrain.  This state-of-the-art facility provides RCPI with an ideal location to conduct its exams and strengthens the partnerships between the Crown Prince Centre for Training and Medical Research, Bahrain and RCPI. As the RCPI grows its presence in the Middle East, this strategic expansion marks a significant milestone for RCPI as it responds to the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled and trained medical personnel across the Gulf being driven by factors such as aging populations and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases. Healthcare spending in the GCC is expected to reach $135.5 billion in 2027, increasing by 5.4% per year from 2022, with Bahrain expected to see a CAGR of 6.1%, according to recent research from Alpen Capital.1

The newly established examination centre in Bahrain showcases RCPI’s commitment to advancing medical education and providing exceptional postgraduate training opportunities for doctors looking to upskill. This aligns with RCPI’s strategic objective to be globally active, increasing its presence across the world and growing international membership, collaborating and sharing knowledge and expertise across borders.

Opening the new examination centre today, Prof. Mary Horgan, President of RCPI, said, “There is an enduring and strengthening bond between Ireland and Bahrain which is reflected in the opening of our new centre. It is a true honour for us to have Bahrainis who have graduated from our esteemed training programmes serve as convenors for these examinations. As an Infectious Diseases Consultant, the pandemic underscored the significance of collaboration among medical professionals and the advantages of tapping into an international network.

“Becoming a Member of RCPI offers doctors unparalleled professional development opportunities throughout their medical careers. In addition, RCPI actively collaborates with doctors and healthcare leaders worldwide to enhance the quality and safety of healthcare in ever-evolving healthcare environments.”

Brig. (Prof.) Fahad bin Khalifa  Al-Khalifa, Commander of the Royal Medical Service of the Bahrain Defence Force said: “We are so excited to host and be the exclusive hub for the MRCPI exam in the Kingdom of Bahrain like we are for the court of examiners of the MRCSI intercollegiate exam. This will elevate our young colleagues practice both locally and regionally and hopefully open up new horizons for more collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland. It was also an immense pleasure receiving Prof Mary Horgan as one of our esteemed guests last week, and we hope to see her and more from our RCPI colleagues in Bahrain in the future.”

RCPI’s expansion in Bahrain marks a significant milestone in the college’s ongoing commitment to enhancing medical education and delivering excellence in healthcare. The examination centre will serve as a hub for aspiring doctors, enabling them to gain valuable skills, knowledge, and recognition within the global medical community.

Doctors who pass the rigorous examinations will be conferred as Members of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, joining an esteemed global network of 13,000 RCPI member doctors, gaining recognition for their expertise and improving their employability across the globe.

RCPI started holding examinations in the Gulf Region in 2004 and already has examination centres in Dubai in the UAE, Muscat in Oman and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Last year, the examination was held twice in Riyadh and Muscat and once in Dubai.

RCPI has a tremendous presence in the Gulf region, with over 1,200 doctors currently holding membership. Additionally, it has proudly produced 180 graduates from its esteemed training programs in the Gulf region. The opening of the examination centre in Bahrain further solidifies RCPI’s commitment to nurturing medical talent in this region where demand for advanced healthcare resources are growing exponentially. The convenors of the examination centre are the husband-and-wife team, Dr Abdulrahman Almadani, Consultant Pulmonologist and Dr Manal Abduljalil, Consultant Haematologist. Dr Nahed Seddiq, Infectious Diseases Consultant, is also a key member of the MRCPI Team in Bahrain. These doctors trained with RCPI and returned to Bahrain to take up senior positions in their national health service.

The examination will take place on 8 and 9 December, with applications opening on 13 September and closing on 13 October.  Please refer to the RCPI website ( to book a place.

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