Riffa Views International School and MIT host MISTI Program

Riffa Views International School (RVIS), in a visionary collaboration with MIT alumni Maryam Al Jomairi, Marwa Al Alawi, and Latifa Al Khayat, announces the expansion of its robotics workshops series for January 2024.

This initiative, a result of the foresight and dedication of both RVIS and its MIT co-founders, is part of the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) Arab World program and aims to extend innovative educational opportunities to a broader student base across Bahrain.

Co-sponsored by Aion Digital and Etisalcom, this year’s series includes “Mastering the Future: Unleashing the Power of Automation with Robotics” and the advanced course “Autobot Challenge: Engineering Autonomous Vehicles,” catering to both government and private school students.

These workshops are designed to provide comprehensive, hands-on experience in robotics and engineering, from basic coding and 3D modeling to advanced autonomous vehicle programming.

Last year’s program allowed students to engage in a wide variety of tasks, ranging from basic robot programming to complex engineering tasks, illustrating the significant impact of hands-on learning experiences.

 “Participating in last year’s program was an amazing experience for me,” said Mariam Al Khalifa, a participant from the workshop.

“It was incredible to see our ideas come to life, and I really appreciated working with MIT student instructors. The hands-on experience not only deepened my understanding of robotics but also ignited a passion for innovation and problem-solving” she added.

Initiated by Maryam, Marwa, and Latifa, the program is a testament to their commitment to enriching Bahrain’s educational landscape with cutting-edge technology.

Their efforts have opened doors for meaningful cultural and scientific exchange between Bahraini institutions and MIT.

“We are enthusiastic about expanding this transformative educational opportunity,” said Jo Garrahy, the Head of School at RVIS.

“and are confident it will continue to inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers in Bahrain,” he added.


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