Reynaers Middle East Team Participates in Two Key Events at the Reynaers Group’s Headquarters in Belgium

Reynaers Middle East, a leading provider of architectural aluminium solutions and the regional office of Reynaers Aluminium, a top European provider of aluminium solutions with a presence in over 70 countries globally, recently participated in two groundbreaking events at the Reynaers Group’s headquarters in Belgium.

The Innovation Days, a premier event that brought together over 250 global colleagues from around the world, showcased Reynaers’ latest advancements in product development, sustainability, and digitalisation. RME’s team, comprising key technical members and the sales team, actively participated in the event alongside Mr. Ali Khalaf, Managing Director of RME. This demonstration of regional commitment to innovation highlighted the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Following the Innovation Days, Reynaers Group hosted its inaugural Sales Management Meeting, which united 69 participants from 30 countries. The event aimed to foster a strong international sales community by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing. Key discussions focused on defining a compelling value proposition, sharing best practices in pricing and cross-border sales, and developing data-driven sales strategies. The resounding success of this event sets the stage for it to become an annual tradition, further strengthening Reynaers’ international sales force.

On this occasion, Mr. Ali Khalaf commented: “Each year we ensure the Middle East team participates in the Innovation Days hosted by the group which not only demonstrate our commitment to innovation but also provide a valuable platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among our global team. We are excited to apply the insights gained from these events to further enhance our services and products in the Middle East region.”

It’s worth noting that RME is the regional office of Reynaers Aluminium, which focuses on developing and promoting innovative and environmentally-friendly aluminium solutions. Headquartered in Bahrain, RME serves the GCC region as well as Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq.

For more information about Reynaers Middle East, call +973 17877 266 or visit Follow Reynaers Middle East on Facebook and Linkedin, reynaers_me on Instagram and Reynaers Aluminium on YouTube for the latest products, news and updates.

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