REDTAG fall/winter collection 2023 is ‘functional fashion’ redefined

REDTAG, the Middle East’s leading fashion and homeware brand, known for its unwavering commitment to providing utmost quality, value-based pricing, and voguish styles, has launched the fall/winter collection 2023 — an ensemble that exemplifies ‘functional fashion’ by honouring the season’s chill while being effortlessly stylish. 

Staying true to its theme “Winter Moments”, the new collection has incorporated wintry colours like brownstone and Bordeaux velvet, as well as retained a few vintage elements from the bygone era for a memorable and warm season. On the contemporary front, light-winter characterwear with Disney, Marvel, and DC personalities will certainly amaze kids, just as heavy-winter staples like cardigans and fur coats will delight adults. Solids dominate REDTAG’s fall/winter collection 2023, making it an all-around classy affair.  

Shehbaz Shaikh, Chief Retail Officer, REDTAG, said the new collection pays homage to the vintage winter wardrobe while being evidently in sync with modernity. “REDTAG prides itself in being a brand that is striking the right balance between global trends and local sensibilities and closely catering to the region’s fashion-forward generation. The new collection brings the ‘Winter Moments’ that our customers will cherish for a long time,” Shehbaz added. 

Solid lightweight jackets in creams, with the warmth of quilt and the convenience of zips, are every man’s friend in the coming season. Fleeced coats with contrasting collars and biker jackets from a broad winter colour palette give men’s fashion a new meaning. In women’s fall/winter collections, REDTAG’s “modern minimalist” design approach is at its best. 

Faux fur overcoats in beige, vintage peacoats in exquisite colours like wine, checked plaid shackets with blocks of browns, and fuzzy coats in dark blue are among the seasonal specials set to give women a timely makeover. Those seeking a slow transition into winter will find just the right comfort in full-sleeved smocked dresses with subtle floral prints, with knitted woollen stoles adding the final touch. 

“Winter clothes must be viewed through the prism of functionality due to the season’s implications for health and well-being,” Shehbaz explained. That emphasis is apparent in the kids’ collection comprising quilted and fleece jackets with hooded options in soothing colours like bubble-gum pink. REDTAG presents adult-like attire, such as long blazers, checked sweatshirts, and puffer jackets, for poised and confident seniors. 

REDTAG’s ongoing ‘New Lower Prices’ initiative, aimed at enhancing affordability and applicable to the new collection, means the “winter moments” will begin right after you step into the nearest brand outlet or visit the online store. The pricing initiative takes after REDTAG’s customer-centric approach, which has helped the brand build a tiered loyalty program — RT Rewards — of over 15 million members in the region. 

For more information on REDTAG and to browse the fall/winter collection 2023, please click here.

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