Protection Insurance Services Unveils Dynamic New Board of Directors

Leading insurance and reinsurance brokerage firm, Protection Insurance Services, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has revealed its newly appointed Board of Directors. This distinguished lineup features Mr. Tarek Wafa as Chairman, Mr. Ali Mekki as Vice Chairman and Independent Director, and Mr. Osama Abdulaal as a Board Member and CEO.

Mr. Tarek Wafa, new Chairman of the firm, said: “We are committed to reshaping the business approach of Protection Insurance Services, with the aim of fortifying its prominent standing within the insurance market of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This initiative aligns with the Financial Services Sector Development Strategy 2022-2026 recently unveiled by the Central Bank of Bahrain. This strategy emphasizes elevating the insurance sector’s contribution to the Kingdom’s GDP, enhancing insurance awareness, and unveiling innovative insurance offerings.”

For his part, Board Member Mr. Ali Mekki emphasized that the Board will collaborate seamlessly with the executive team to solidify sustainability and enhance the company’s market presence. He stated, “Our dedication lies in extending full-fledged support and counsel to accomplish the company’s envisioned objectives, setting the stage for the imminent phase of growth and expansion.”

Mr. Osama Abdulaal, Board Member and CEO of the company, said: “The newly appointed board members bring together a diverse array of competencies and expertise that will play a pivotal role in advancing the company’s growth, expansion, and development endeavors. This collective effort aims to ensure the company’s enduring sustainability and ongoing success.”

Mr. Osama Abdulaal further elaborated on “Protection Insurance Services,” underscoring that it is a leading Bahraini insurance and reinsurance brokerage firm established in 1996. The company operates under the licensing and oversight of the Central Bank of Bahrain, offering a comprehensive range of insurance services encompassing various categories such as automobile, property, health, life, engineering insurance, in addition to an array of other insurance and reinsurance solutions.

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