OPPO Find N2 Flip Breaks Boundaries of Fast Charging

Flip phones don’t typically charge as quickly as traditional phones, because fast charging systems require a very large battery. Once again, OPPO has risen to the challenge for the Find N2 Flip, featuring its best-in-class 44W SUPERVOOC™ Flash Charging technology, allowing the phone to reach 34 percent battery capacity in just 15 minute and 50 percent in 23 minutes.

OPPO prioritizes safety and durability in their charging philosophy, understanding that speed should be built upon a strong foundation. As flip phones are so unique by design, creating a fast-charging system with excellent longevity, even after an extended number of charge cycles, is incredibly challenging.

As a pioneer in fast-changing technology, OPPO addressed this challenge by reimagining its tried and tested fast-charging dual-cell design by incorporating a larger 3110mAh cell and a smaller 1190mAh cell, totaling 4300mAh. To ensure long-term battery health, OPPO created a “Dual-Battery Charging System” that requires both cells to charge and discharge simultaneously. This system incorporates a control switch in the parallel circuit, disconnecting the smaller battery once it reaches a certain charge level and shifting the charging process to the larger battery, allowing the battery as a whole to achieve the same charge and discharge times as traditional smartphones.

This “Dual-Battery Charging System” makes 44W SUPERVOOC™ charging safe, stable, efficient, and possible in a compact space. OPPO also prioritizes the Find N2 Flip’s heat management, incorporating a partitioned heat dissipation design and separating the charging chip and other heat-producing components. Additionally, a four-sheet graphite layer dissipate heat uniformly across the phone, ensuring the maximum temperature is no higher than 41.5° C.

Peaking at similar temperatures to many traditional phones, even when performing demanding tasks like charging while on a video call, Find N2 creates a compromise-free battery experience, despite being a compact flip phone.

While flip phones may have been novel, stylish gadgets in the past, OPPO has changed the narrative. Find N2 Flip proves a flip phone can also be a durable partner ready for real life, and able to deliver all-day, long-lasting battery and best-in-class fast charging. With Find N2 Flip, OPPO takes the flip phone category as a whole to the next level.

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