Notable Surge in Hotel Occupancy Rates During Jewellery Arabia and Cityscape Exhibition!

Mr. Ali Amralla, CEO of “Visit Bahrain,” highlighted the crucial role played by the Jewellery Arabia, The Perfume Expo, and Cityscape Bahrain exhibitions in the recovery of Bahrain’s tourism sector. These exhibitions, which attract thousands of visitors from the Arab Gulf countries, the region, and worldwide, along with the participation of numerous companies specializing in watches, Jewellery, perfumes, contracting, construction, engineering offices, and more, are instrumental in revitalizing the broader tourism landscape.

Encouraging the utilization of the unique opportunity presented by hosting these notable exhibitions in the Middle East at the Exhibition World Bahrain in Sakhir, Mr. Amralla advocated for promoting Bahrain’s tourism sector comprehensively within this venue. He said: “Strategically allocating spaces at both the main entrance of the center and within each hall to highlight tourist and recreational destinations, events, and activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain can significantly enhance the overall visitor experience. This thoughtful initiative not only introduces attendees to the richness of Bahrain’s offerings but also has the potential to extend their stay and elevate their level of expenditure, positively impacting the local economy.

 “The Exhibition World Bahrain in Sakhir stands as a cornerstone for the progress of what is commonly known as “business tourism” in Bahrain. The individuals attending this center, both exhibitors and visitors, are potential high-value tourists, predominantly consisting of businessmen and individuals with substantial purchasing power. It is imperative for us not only to confine their experience in Bahrain to the hotel and the exhibition center but to actively incorporate their visits with as many tourist destinations as possible.”

Mr. Amralla emphasized the significance of promoting the Bahraini tourism sector not only at the Exhibition World Bahrain but also at key entry points such as Bahrain Airport, the King Fahd Causeway, or Khalifa bin Salman Port. He stressed the necessity for collaborative efforts, effective preparation, and proactive communication to inform international exhibition visitors and participants about the enticing tourism packages offered by the Kingdom.

Furthermore, Mr. Amrulla underscored the significance of active involvement from private establishments in the Bahraini tourism sector to bolster the initiatives led by the Ministry of Tourism, the Bahrain Tourism Authority, and associated exhibitions. This involvement entails the provision of comprehensive tourism and entertainment packages encompassing elements such as flights, accommodations, transportation, and entertainment. Such collaborative efforts not only enhance the richness and diversity of Bahrain’s tourism product but also contribute to elevating the overall tourism sector, ensuring sustained growth and the successful realization of the objectives outlined in the Bahrain Tourism Strategy 2022-2026.

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