Nominations open for 6th edition of Isa Award for Service to Humanity

The Secretariat General of the Isa Award for Services to Humanity has announced that is now accepting nominations for the Award’s sixth edition (2023/2024).
His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa launched the Award in 2009, as a tribute to His Highness Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, may Allah rest his soul in peace, who dedicated his life to serving humanity. By honouring and rewarding those who provide exceptional services to humanity, the Award recognises Shaikh Isa’s outstanding humanitarian legacy and the impact he had on his country and on the world.
On the occasion, Ali Abdullah Khalifa, member of the Board of Trustees and Secretary-General of the Award, stressed the crucial role played by the Board of Trustees of the Isa Award for Service to Humanity, chaired by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, the Special Representative of HM the King, in strengthening the prestigious global status of this award and opening new horizons for it to explore distinguished humanitarian efforts and works, as well as supporting their progress, which confirms the depth of the humanitarian policy of the Kingdom.
The Secretary-General affirmed that the award reflects the uniqueness of the Kingdom in adopting pioneering global initiatives, as well as in honouring and motivating humanitarian work, noting that the award is the first of its kind at the global level, as nit contributes to the service of humanity, and enjoys momentum and international acclaim, which has given it great moral value, and made it the subject of interest for owners of unique humanitarian projects in the world.
“The award seeks to recognise the efforts that seek to serve humanity, regardless of creed or geographical or national proximity, to become an incentive for everyone who seeks to serve humans, and works to alleviate the suffering of the needy wherever they are,” he said.
Individuals, organisations, scientific research centres and pioneers who fund humanitarian projects from anywhere in the world may nominate themselves for the Award, provided that their humanitarian work must benefit the largest possible segment of people without discrimination, and it must be non-political and non-profit.
The Isa Award for Service to Humanity is presented, every two years, to people and projects in the following fields:
· Disaster response and relief
· Education
· Community service
· Promoting dialogue among civilisations
· Promoting human tolerance
· Promoting social peace
· Urban development
· Climate change and protecting the environment
· Scientific achievement
· Alleviation of poverty and destitution
· Any other field of humanitarian service
A jury of experts from around the world will judge the nominees’ works.
The winner of the Award will be presented with a Royal Certificate of Appreciation, a medal made of pure gold, and US $1 million at a ceremony in the Kingdom of Bahrain In June 2025. The ceremony will be held under the patronage of HM the King, in the presence of senior officials, VIPs and guests from Bahrain and beyond.
For more information about the Award’s conditions and requirements, visit the Award’s website – or e-mail [email protected]
Nominations will be accepted until the end of January 2024. The winner will be announced via all media outlets.


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