NGN Welcomes a Visionary Leader: Ali Beshara Takes the Helm as General Manager!

NGN International, a leading IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company has officially announced the appointment of Mr. Ali Beshara to the esteemed position of General Manager. His mandate encompasses charting a visionary course for the company over the next three years (2024-2027), guiding the implementation of a meticulously crafted strategic roadmap. The focal point of this ambitious roadmap lies in the unwavering commitment to providing customers with seamless, integrated, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions.

As General Manager, Mr. Beshara is tasked with orchestrating a multifaceted approach aimed at bolstering the company’s foothold in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. This entails nurturing an environment that empowers the company’s diverse team, fostering a culture of constant evolution and excellence. In the pursuit of this goal, he will diligently work on developing the team’s capabilities, honing their skill sets, and inspiring them to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Apart from his role as the General Manager of the company, Mr. Beshara will also take on the responsibilities of the General Manager at the NGN Training Center. In this capacity, he will be responsible for overseeing the implementation and enhancement of the Center’s training plans aimed at developing and enhancing the skills of the national workforce. This will involve offering specialized high-quality courses covering a wide array of information and communication technology subjects. Mr. Beshara will also be tasked with creating exceptional training programs and materials that align with the demands of the job market.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, the Founder and CEO of NGN, extended a warm welcome to Mr. Ali Beshara, stressing that the appointment of this accomplished national talent to his current role underscores the company’s strong commitment to attracting and engaging Bahraini professionals as a pivotal agenda for ensuring ongoing and sustainable advancement. Mr. Al Awadhi emphasized NGN’s dedicated efforts to furnish all necessary support and resources, enabling Mr. Beshara to effectively pursue the company’s established objectives and guide it towards broader growth and prosperity. This commitment also entails the implementation of top-tier management practices aimed at yielding optimal returns and outcomes.

Mr. Al-Awadhi highlighted that since its inception in Bahrain back in 2015, NGN has steadily garnered the trust of diverse sectors over the course of eight years. The company has demonstrated its capacity to undertake impactful projects within both the Kingdom and GCC countries, harnessing local expertise while seamlessly integrating it with global proficiency. He emphasized that NGN remains steadfast in its mission to serve its clientele in Bahrain and the wider Arab Gulf region with unparalleled efficiency and quality, realizing their ambitions and executing strategic expansion plans on both regional and international fronts. This steadfast dedication solidifies NGN’s standing as a preeminent IT enterprise, particularly renowned for its prowess in the domains of cybersecurity and specialized software solutions.

Mr. Ali Beshara conveyed his profound satisfaction with assuming his new role, underlining his resolute commitment to advancing within the realm of information security. His leadership responsibilities encompass both security measures and administrative functions, and he intends to leverage his position to translate the company’s strategic vision into actionable plans. His primary focus is on realizing the organization’s core objectives, bolstering its local and regional presence, and fostering collaboration with partners on both domestic and international fronts.

Mr. Beshara boasts a distinguished academic background, having earned a Master’s degree with top honors in Public Administration from the University of Aix-Marseille in Marseille, France. With over two decades of professional engagement in the information technology, security, and management sectors, he has held numerous leadership roles across various public and private institutions. Throughout his career journey, he has consistently exhibited effective management practices, enabling him to steer these institutions toward growth and accomplishments in alignment with predefined goals.

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