NGN Majlis Experts Highlight Elevated Cyber Risks Amid AI Advancements

Cybersecurity Experts emphasized that the proliferation of AI applications heightens the cybersecurity risks, creating an expanded arena for companies and institutions in both the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain to face potential threats of data and information theft, as well as digital extortion.

They highlighted the nature of advancements in AI, serving as a double-edged weapon. On one hand, it can amplify the ferocity and potency of cyberattacks, augmenting their capabilities and introducing greater sophistication and complexity. On the other hand, it can also be harnessed to counter these threats, mitigating their impact, and bolstering the capabilities to confront them. 

These insights were shared during a seminar organized by NGN, a leading Bahraini IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company, titled “Cybersecurity in the Era of AI,” as part of its awareness Majlis aimed at disseminating knowledge about cybersecurity.

The event featured the participation of notable figures, including Mr. Alaa Albahrani, who served as the moderator and holds the position of Senior Manager – Information and Cyber Security at AUB. In addition to Mrs. Aysha Jamsheer, Unit Head – Information Security GRC at BBK; Mr. Mohamed Sanad, Senior Manager – Information Technology at SNIC; and Mr. Ammar Jameel, an expert in Information & Cyber Security, and Sustainability at Bahrain Credit.

Panelists engaged in discussions regarding the repercussions of threats and challenges stemming from AI across various sectors. The focus was on strategies to fortify companies’ capacity to confront these threats and bolster their resilience in response to the growing prevalence and adoption of AI applications. Topics explored included the legal and regulatory hurdles linked to compliance arising from the integration of AI into diverse sectors, the implementation of optimal practices to adeptly meet compliance demands, and the anticipated opportunities and challenges in the future landscape of AI and its convergence with cybersecurity.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN commented: “As the number of internet-connected devices continues to rise, ensuring the security of these devices becomes crucial. In this context, the application of AI, encryption, and two-factor verification techniques plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the interactions between these devices and other cyber systems. Among the positive aspects, graphical analysis can be employed, and advanced forecasting models can be developed to identify potential vulnerabilities in systems and applications. This multifaceted approach enhances the overall security posture and resilience of interconnected devices in the evolving landscape of digital connectivity.”

Mr. Al Awadhi explained that NGN Cybersecurity Awareness Majlis is persistently conducting its sessions as part of the company’s commitment to social responsibility, extending its focus to Bahrain at large and specifically to the business sector and institutions.

Furthermore, Mr. Al Awadhi underscored the significance of the Majlis’ outcomes, which prioritize the establishment of protective measures. These measures encompass the delivery of pertinent training for human personnel, the elevation of awareness and education regarding cyber threats associated with AI, and the promotion of coordination and collaboration among stakeholders at both the national and international levels to effectively tackle these challenges.

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