NGN Hosts Expert Roundtable on ‘Maximizing Email Security’ for Enhanced Digital Protection

NGN, a leading Bahrain IT and IoT integration and Managed Cyber Security firm, has announced its initiative to host a roundtable titled “Beyond the Basics: ‘Maximizing Email Security”.

This event will feature cybersecurity experts and leaders from the information security, technology, and ICT sectors. It is part of NGN’s ongoing Majlis events aimed at raising awareness about email security, addressing emerging challenges, and exploring effective solutions.

Scheduled for Wednesday, July 3rd, at NGN’s headquarters in the Bahrain World Trade Centre, the roundtable will delve into crucial topics such as the latest trends in email threats, strategies to combat them effectively, best practices for safeguarding regulatory data endorsed by cybersecurity professionals, as well as proven technologies to bolster email security posture. Attendees can expect actionable insights on maximizing privacy and security, as well as a collaborative exchange of ideas among industry leaders to promote awareness and implement robust security measures.

Several distinguished cybersecurity and IT experts are slated to speak at the seminar. The event will be moderated by Mr. Alaa Albahrani, a seasoned cybersecurity expert. Joining him will be Mr. Ali Alemadi, Senior Manager of IT Governance at Ahli United Bank, Mr. Mohamed Alsaeed, Head of Information Security at the National Bureau for Revenue, and Mr. Makki Fakher, Associate Director overseeing Infrastructure and SYSOPS at Tamkeen.

NGN CEO Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi emphasized that the roundtable reflects the company’s commitment to equipping business owners with vital insights into email security in today’s rapidly evolving landscape and stressed the critical significance of safeguarding data and systems amidst increasing cyber threats.

Furthermore, Mr. Al Awadhi underscored the necessity for a holistic approach to email security, integrating technical solutions with robust policies and procedures to fortify protection.

“At NGN, we advocate for the exchange of expertise and knowledge, fostering collaboration among businesses, regulators, and academia to combat cyber threats comprehensively. We envision this roundtable as a pivotal platform to address common challenges and cultivate innovative solutions. Our aim is to shield individuals and organizations from various cyber-attacks, including ransomware, cyber intrusions, malware, and specifically, email security threats,” said Mr. Al Awadhi.

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