NGN Center’s Training Course Redefines Digital Content Creation via Smartphones

NGN Training Center organized a comprehensive training session about harnessing the digital content industry via smartphones. The course was meticulously crafted to equip participants with cutting-edge strategies in content production, bolstering their proficiency in photography and video editing, implementing digital marketing methodologies, and utilizing analytics tools to gauge content efficacy. Its overarching goal was to empower attendees to leverage smartphone capabilities for crafting exceptional content, expanding their reach, and amplifying their influence in the content creation domain.

Mr. Muhannad Suleiman, an esteemed trainer renowned for his expertise in digital journalism and content industry, spearheaded the training session. He delved into the latest technological advancements within the digital content sphere, emphasizing the pivotal role of mobile devices in content creation, promotion, and dissemination across social media platforms.

Throughout the course, Mr. Suleiman underscored the imperative nature of embracing smartphone-driven content production in our rapidly evolving technological landscape. He highlighted the unparalleled capabilities of smartphones in video recording, photography, audio capture, and the creation of diverse, engaging textual, auditory, and visual content.

During the training course, Mr. Suleiman emphasized the pivotal role of strategic planning at the outset of the digital content creation journey, highlighting it as the cornerstone for effective direction of efforts. Through hands-on exercises spanning two days, participants engaged in practical activities such as crafting creative content creation plans, analyzing communication accounts, and producing and editing a workshop-themed video as a model. Furthermore, the course encompassed practical applications across various domains within the interactive content industry, publication industry, as well as honing camera-facing skills in content creation, mastering smart editing techniques, and exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence with idea generation and content industry dynamics.

Director of the NGN Training Center, Mrs. Zainab Assiri, underscored the pivotal significance of the training course in enhancing the competencies of Bahraini professionals in digital marketing and content creation fields. She emphasized its role in fostering quality job opportunities while addressing the burgeoning demand in Bahrain for skilled personnel in these sectors.

Mrs. Assiri highlighted the growing trend among Bahraini institutions to allocate a portion of their budgets towards digital marketing, anticipating this to open up new avenues for aspiring content creators and marketing professionals. She pointed out the prominence of visual advertising within the digital advertising landscape, forecasting a substantial rise in spending on video advertising to $229.8 billion by 2027.

 Mrs. Assiri noted projections indicating a surge in mobile advertising expenditure to approximately $399 billion by the end of 2024. In light of these forecasts, she emphasized the imperative for Bahraini professionals to adapt swiftly to industry shifts, stressing the importance of readiness across all sectors to ensure a prosperous future aligned with evolving market dynamics.

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