National Civil Protection Platform launched

The National Civil Protection Platform launched by General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, the Interior Minister and Chairman of the Civil Defence Council, represents a turning point in raising security awareness to ensure public safety, Brigadier Mohammed Bin Daina, Director General of Media and Security Culture said.

He said that the National Civil Protection Platform included information and instructions on safety in houses and during heavy, gusts and radioactive contamination safety.

He revealed that more than 300 individuals applied for to volunteer for civil defence service since the platform’s launch on Friday, 30 November, until this morning.

Brigadier Bin Diana noted that the national platform, which promotes security culture in the community, is accessible to all citizens and residents to get safety information.

The platform is updated daily . It runs an interactive feature that allows receiving feedback that helps to continuously develop the media and awareness messages.

The platform was launched based on a national survey conducted last year that covered more than 13,000 individuals in Bahrain.

He continued that many advanced countries have preemptively launched similar awareness platforms without the existence of general safety and security risks or fears.


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