Marsaana Communications launching ‘Marha,’ Innovative live Shopping web-shop revolutionizes the retail experience in GCC market

In a groundbreaking move that merges the digital realm with the thrill of shopping, Marsaana Communications, a renowned PR and Communications agency in Dubai, today proudly unveils ‘Marha,’ an avant-garde live shopping web-shop, set to redefine how consumers in the GCC region engage with their favorite brands and products.

Hosted by UAE influencer and make-up artist, Zareen Shah, the launch of ‘Marha’ Live Shopping web-shop is launched today. This innovative concept presents a novel way of shopping that combines real-time interaction, entertainment, and convenience, transforming traditional shopping experience into a dynamic and highly interactive live event.

With this new dimension of retail shopping, the burgeoning trend takes the e-commerce world by storm, bringing together the elements of live video streaming, entertainment and engagement, and instant purchasing. By allowing consumers to virtually participate in a shopping experience from the comfort of their homes, live shopping provides a unique concept of shopping convenience. This novel approach empowers shoppers to make informed decisions while immersing themselves in a lively and interactive environment. Fashion and beauty brands have been the first to adapt the concept, and soon after the trend rapidly expanded to other fields, such as car dealing and real estate.

In the realm of live shopping, ‘Marha’ has emerged as a trailblazer, redefining the concept of online retail in the GCC market. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, ‘Marha’ elevates the shopping experience by fusing real- time video streaming with expert product demonstrations, engaging discussions, and immediate purchase options. Through this innovative approach, Marsaana Communications aims to bridge the gap between brands and consumers, offering a seamless connection that transcends physical boundaries.

“We firmly believe that the uniqueness of the Live Shopping Experience is poised to make it an indispensable facet of the e-commerce landscape in the near future. Through this new revolutionary marketing, brands can instantly foster deeper engagement, personalize their brand identities, and fundamentally amplify their sales potential,” said Marsa von Walzel, Founder and CEO of Marsaana Communications.

Providing a shopping experience like no other, ‘Marha’ stands on its commitment to curate a personalized shopping experience that prioritizes genuine interaction and active engagement. Customers can raise questions about products with hosts in real-time, seeking answers and feedback, and ultimately receiving detailed insights. With ‘Marha’, shopping is no longer a solitary task; it’s an engaging experience that discloses genuine product information as well as bring consumers joining live events together, fostering a sense of community while making mindful purchasing decisions.

This eagerly awaited launch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of online shopping in the GCC market. As one of the first companies in the region to introduce the live shopping concept, Marsaana Communications is poised to reshape the retail landscape by seamlessly blending technology with e- commerce.

Experience the future of e-commerce with ‘Marha’ – where shopping meets convenience, and engagement transforms into transactions. Join them on 17 August 2023 as they embark on this exciting journey that redefines how we shop and connect in the digital age.

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