Major Initiative Set to Skill Up 1,000 Citizens in Financial Planning

Insurance and financial expert, Mr. Fathalla Ebrahim, has unveiled his ambitious initiative to launch a comprehensive and cost-free training program. The program is designed to equip 1,000 Bahraini youths with the necessary skills to excel in the field of financial planning over a span of five years. These participants will ultimately become internationally accredited consultants specializing in financial planning.
Mr. Ebrahim emphasized that this training program will be open to a diverse range of individuals, including university students, graduates, unemployed individuals, and current employees seeking both financial and professional advancement opportunities. He highlighted that program graduates will be well-prepared to attain a prestigious international certification known as the “Certified Financial Planner,” which carries the same weight as the esteemed “CFA” certificate within the financial sector.

Furthermore, Mr. Ebrahim outlined the program’s focal points, which encompass a variety of specialized areas. These include financial planning for individuals and families, financial planning for SMEs, as well as family businesses. Additionally, the training will cover investment management, wealth management, risk assessment, insurance strategies, and retirement planning—all through innovative and effective utilization of life insurance products.
“We are currently witnessing a growing interest among our national talents to pursue careers in the banking sector, surpassing their inclination toward insurance companies. With this program, our primary aim is to raise awareness regarding the abundant opportunities offered by the insurance sector and its associated fields. Simultaneously, we strive to enhance the sector’s appeal to these highly skilled individuals,” According to Mr. Ebrahim who further emphasized that obtaining advanced certifications would grant individuals the flexibility to seamlessly transition between roles in both banks and insurance companies, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Mr. Ebrahim highlighted that various statistics point to the fact that the profession of “financial planner” ranks second on the list of the fastest-growing jobs in the labor market, trailing only information technology, in the United States of America. Surprisingly, this profession has yet to establish a significant presence in Bahrain, and most financial planners lack specialization, failing to offer comprehensive and effective solutions tailored to the needs of Bahraini families and businesses.
Through this program, Mr. Ebrahim’s objective is twofold: to introduce and establish advanced expertise in the field of financial planning within Bahrain and subsequently facilitate the transfer of this knowledge to neighboring countries in the region.
Mr. Ebrahim underscored his commitment to collaborating with relevant partners, such as the Ministry of Labor and the Labor Fund “Tamkeen,” aligning with the national vision aimed at creating more job opportunities for Bahraini citizens, particularly in high-impact fields with competitive salaries.

Regarding the training methodology, Mr. Ebrahim revealed that a dedicated online platform will be integrated into the theoretical aspect of the program. This platform will deliver meticulously crafted e-lectures covering the intricacies of financial planning. Participants will have the flexibility to access these educational resources at their convenience, from any location.
As for the practical aspect of the program, hands-on training will take place at the premises of Al Majd Insurance Brokerage. This will provide a conducive educational environment for participants to maximize their learning experience. They will have the opportunity to apply financial concepts and tools in real-world scenarios, analyzing authentic financial planning cases and projects. Additionally, they will have direct interaction with financial experts, benefiting from their insights in developing effective financial plans and strategies for individuals and companies.

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