Labour Minister affirms government’s interest in providing sustainable job opportunities for citizens

Labour Minister, Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, has affirmed the government’s interest in providing sustainable job opportunities for the citizens in the banking and financial institutions by qualifying them and providing them with professional skills.

He asserted that the kingdom boasts qualified national competencies in the field of financial and banking services, which contributes to strengthening the position of Bahrain as a leading financial and banking centre in the region.

The minister made the statements while paying a field visit to “CrediMax” company, which is specialised in issuing credit cards in the Kingdom, as part of his visits to companies and institutions that support the Labour Ministry’s initiatives and programmes in employing national cadres.

During the visit, Minister Humaidan met CrediMax CEO, Ahmed Abdulrahman Siyadi, and a number of the company’s officials.

The minister was briefed on the company’s strategy in supporting its staff with national cadres, as the company’s Bahrainisation rate reached 99.1%, topping the list of distinguished establishments in the field. 

He also inspected various departments and sections, where he met a number of employees and listened to their opinions and professional experiences.

Humaidan commended the company’s experience in employing national competencies, and keenness to put in place an attractive work environment and promising opportunities for career advancement, stressing that Bahrain’s highly qualified cadres have contributed to the advancement of the banking and financial sector.

He affirmed the Labour Ministry’s support for plans to train and qualify the citizens in the financial and banking sector, which constitutes an important tributary to the national economy.

CreditMax CEO indicated that the government’s support to the banking and financial institutions has contributed to the growth of this sector that generates more qualitative and attractive jobs for Bahraini youth with remunerative wages and promising opportunities for professional advancement.

 He praised the Labour Ministry’s programmes and initiatives in the field of employment and rehabilitation of citizens, in addition to the provision of many incentives such as subsidising wages and providing specialised training for new labour market entrants.


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