Labor Ministry, Polytechnic & Tamkeen collaborate to prepare qualified national talent for labor market

Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, Labor minister and Dr. Ciarán Ó Catháin, Polytechnic CEO, discussed the programmes offered by the university, to train job seekers and provide them with the necessary professional skills required by the labour market to contribute to increasing their chances of employement in private sector establishments.

This in line with the national efforts to support national initiatives to improve the skills of job seekers, provide them with professional training to bridge the gap between educational outputs and the actual needs of the labourr market, and to accelerate the employment of citizens and making them the first choice in the labour market, in addition to launching more initiatives.

The meeting was attended by Wael bin Nasser Al Mubarak, the Minister of Municipalities and Agriculture and Polytechnic Bahrain Chairman, and Maha Abdul Hameed Mufeez, Tamkeen CEO.

The minister and Polytechnic CEO discussed the implementation of joint national training programmes, including the transformational training programmes designed for job seekers who carry degrees in majors that are not in demand in the labour market. It offers many specializations required by the market, including renewable energy systems, graphic design, digital transformation in business practices and information analysis, car mechanics, digital energy systems, geometrical drawings and information systems.

Humaidan affirmed that this cooperation aims to introduce new programmes to develop the capabilities and competitiveness of Bahrainis in the labour market, pointing out that these programmes target promising and attractive sectors for job seekers.

The minister thanked Polytechnic and Tamkeen for their cooperation in setting up training programmes to train and employ citizens.

On his part, Minister Al Mubarak said the Polytechnic Bahrain strategy seeks to address labour market challenges by offering a variety of initiatives that accommodate labour market requirements.

The CEO gave a briefing on the projects and initiatives to support plans and professional programs that contribute to improving the skills and capabilities of job seekers.


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