Kuwaiti Cultural Office Head AGU President Discuss Strengthening Joint Cooperation

His Excellency Dr Saad bin Saud Al Fuhaid, President of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), has recently received His Excellency Dr Mohammed Al Dughaim, Head of the Kuwaiti Cultural Office in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to discuss the means to strengthen joint cooperation, and the continued endeavours to develop higher and medical education at the University.

During the meeting, HE Dr Al Fuhaid praised the endless support provided by the State of Kuwait to the University, and its educational and scientific projects. He also highlighted the distinguished relation bonding AGU and Kuwait since its establishment, recalling Kuwait’s endorsement of the idea to establish a joint Gulf university before the year 1980.

Furthermore, HE Dr Al Fuhaid noted to some of the main innovative and creative academic programmes offered recently by the University. He also stressed AGU’s keenness to attract students from the GCC countries to benefit from the scientific programmes it offers, such as the master’s and doctoral programmes in innovation and technology management, the master’s of science in next-generation computing, the doctorate in molecular medicine philosophy, the diploma and master’s in regenerative medicine and personalised medicine, the diploma in clinical research, the professional diploma in waste management and other innovative specialisations.

His Excellency further stressed that the University spares no effort to harnesses all its capabilities and expertise to graduate highly qualified human cadres to serve sustainable development goals in the GCC countries, in order to advance its strategic and pivotal role as an educational system that unites the people of the Gulf region.

For his part, HE Dr Al Dughaim stated that AGU has earned a highly trusted scientific and academic reputation in the GCC countries over the course of more than 40 years, owing to its quality academic standards and its continuous development.

His Excellency also underlined the significant role played by AGU colleges; the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, the College of Graduate Studies and the French Arabian Business School, in introducing innovative and rare academic specialisations needed by the GCC labour market.

Moreover, he praised the University’s well-established positive academic reputation, attributing it to its advanced strategic vision built by a collective work team to establish the University as an academic institution based on innovation.

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