Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain supports London Breast Care Centre

Stemming from its corporate social responsibility, Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain has announced its support to London Breast Care Centre, aimed at providing  essential screenings, and diagnosis to breast cancer patients, promoting early prevention culture and contributing in easy access of treatment. The initiative seeks to provide needed screenings to those who are unable to afford treatment. The agreement will include the development of a mobile clinic to help raise awareness of breast cancer and enhance early prevention, as well as enabling all KFH-Bahrain cardholders to get a 30% discount on all services provided by the Centre.

The long-term alliance between KFH-Bahrain and London Breast Care Centre is a significant step towards making breast cancer care more affordable and accessible to all women in Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition to making breast cancer care more affordable and accessible, this partnership will also help to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection. This represents a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that extends beyond financial donations. By providing such medical services, KFH-Bahrain’s engagement solidifies its commitment to the wellbeing of communities.

In this regard, Mr. Mohammed Fahmi Hamad, Executive Manager- Head of Operations, IT and Corporate Communications at KFH-Bahrain said: “It is our pleasure to support the London Breast Care Centre for such a worthy cause. Supporting and nurturing the community is one of our key pillars as an Islamic bank. Our partnership seeks to advocate attention of the society to the importance of awareness of Breast Cancer, educating the general public, and advancing scientific research, while raising funds for cancer research.”

Dr. Sara Al Reefy, Owner, Medical Manager and Consultant General Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon at London Breast Care Center said: “Breast cancer poses a significant concern for women, especially that the Kingdom experiences the highest rate in the GCC and ranking 6th globally. In such instances, our relationship with KFH-Bahrain is even more valuable. Together, we’re not just providing screenings and treatments; we’re also increasing breast health awareness, empowering women, and saving lives.” “

In line with its social responsibility, KFH-Bahrain stresses the importance of conducting a monthly breast self-examination from an early age. This simple yet effective practice can substantially contribute to the early diagnosis of any potential concerns. That’s why the Bank is keen to support this initiative to reduce the many obstacles and barriers that exist across the cancer care continuum for access to high-quality breast health care.

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