Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain Announces Success of its “Win with KFH-Bahrain” Roadshow at The Avenues Mall Bahrain

Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain (KFH-Bahrain) has successfully concluded its ‘Win with KFH-Bahrain’ Roadshow aimed at promoting Libshara and Ma’ashi accounts which took place at The Avenues Mall Bahrain from 20th  to 24th February.

Visitors participated to win instant cash prizes reaching BD 500 each day. Participants simply opened a Ma’ashi account or a Libshara account within minutes, with just a minimum deposit of BHD 50 in Libshara accounts.

Both the Libshara and Ma’ashi accounts offer customers the chance to win valuable cash prizes on a monthly basis amongst a plethora of other benefits. Visitors who opened both accounts or invested high amounts in their Libshara accounts increased their chances of winning while opening doors to the exclusive benefits provided by each account.

On this occasion Mr. Hamed Mashal, Executive Manager – Head of Retail Banking at KFH-Bahrain expressed his gratitude to visitors stating, “It was our utmost pleasure to welcome all of the visitors to our ‘Win with KFH-Bahrain’ Roadshow. It was a great opportunity for those interested in opening accounts that help them work towards their financial stability while offering them the opportunity to win cash prizes. We are always working on elevating the customer experience and simplifying the account opening process to give our esteemed clients the best financial experience possible.”

During the roadshow, KFH-Bahrain unveiled the new Libshara 2024 Campaign, which offers cash prizes throughout the year. The 2024 campaign has a total prize fund of $2.6 million for 612 fortunate winners. This includes two Mega Cash Prizes; $500,000 in June and $1,000,000 in December. Moreover, ten lucky winners will receive a $50,000 Grand Prize for the remaining months. Additionally, the Monthly General Prizes will see $1,000 awarded to 50 winners each month.

This successful roadshow comes as part of the Bank’s efforts to educate both existing and new customers about the Bank’s offerings. Moreover, it underscores the Bank’s dedication to establishing genuine connections with individuals, providing them with personalized assistance and facilitating smooth onboarding processes when required.

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