KHK Media Group enters the global film industry with movie premiere of The Martial Artist

The most successful Middle Eastern-born sports media conglomerate is entering the global movie industry. KHK Media Group has announced that it is entering the entertainment and film industry with the premiere of its first project ‘’The Martial Artist’’, in partnership with Odyssey Entertainment, which takes place next Sunday, June 30.

In partnership with BRAVE Films, the subsidiary of BRAVE Combat Federation, the sporting jewel of Bahrain, KHK Media Group will leverage its large-scale, world-class experience in the sports and entertainment sector to bring exciting and inspiring stories to life on the big screen. The aim of the new endeavor is to inspire future generations with compelling storytelling narratives focused on sports-related stories.

Having hosted sporting events in 32 countries, KHK Media Group has been the catapulting platform to the success of many of these untold stories. From young athletes that have conquered poverty to become superstars in their field of choice to veteran sportspeople who have dedicated their entire lives to the craft and have conquered world titles on their last possible try.

KHK Media Group has identified the power of movies in amplifying these inspirational stories and is looking forward to making a positive impact in society through its entrance in the film industry.

The partnership with Odyssey and BRAVE Films is the start of a massive plan for KHK Media Group to produce movies from around the world that tell compelling stories will look to inspire the next generation as well as giving a much-deserved limelight to some of the unknown biggest achievements in the sports field.

‘’The Martial Artist’’ tells the story of Ibby Bakran, a talented but unknown fighter, who gets a shot at the big time after being scouted by the world’s largest promotion. But before he can make an impact, he must battle his own internal demons.

In partnership with Odyssey Entertainment and BRAVE Films, KHK Media Group will host the premier of ‘’The Martial Artist’’ at the Mukta Cinemas, in Juffair, on June 30, with the presence of lead actor and director Shaz Khan in an exclusive, VIP-only, red carpet event.

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