Kheberat Program importance for Bahraini youth highlighted

Dr. Shaikha Rana bint Isa bin Duaij Al Khalifa, Director General of the Bahrain Institute for Public Administration (BIPA) stressed the importance of aligning the training programmes with the needs of the labour market. 

The training sector plays a vital role in capacity building as well as empowering Bahraini youth, which positively reflects on organisational performance and productivity , she added. 

This came during a meeting where the Director General of BIPA met with the Kheberat (expertise) Programme members.

 The programme aims to build the capacity of Bahraini youth in cooperation with strategic partners in the public and private sectors, including the Labour Ministry, JAFCON, and Hope Talents. It is an interactive training programme that combines vocational, leadership, and specialised training needed by Bahraini youth and practical training based on projects.

The Director General noted that Kheberat Program comes in line with the institute’s training plans aimed at empowering Bahraini youth in line with the government’s directives aimed at providing Bahraini youth with cumulative theoretical and practical experiences that qualify them to lead the development process in the public and private sectors. 

The programme offers an opportunity to create new paths for Bahraini youth to them enter the labor market and obtain the career that suits their majors and their capabilities, Dr. Shaikha Rana added. 

The programme provides a small scale professional experience that includes both theoretical and applied aspects and professional certificates, during which the trainees undergo a period of on-job training, she said, adding that this contributes to making them a favourable choice in the local labor market, in both the public and private sectors.


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