KFH-Bahrain Hosts Impactful Breast Cancer Awareness Event ‘You Can’

Kuwait Finance House (KFH)-Bahrain announced the successful conclusion of its breast cancer awareness event themed “You Can” which was held at Seef Mall on October 27th as part of the Bank’s commitment to enhance breast cancer awareness and support early detection and treatment. This initiative stands as a testament to KFH-Bahrain’s holistic social responsibility strategy, emphasizing the importance of addressing community matters and enhancing health awareness through impactful initiatives.

The event showcased an array of awareness activities including consultation with doctors, registration for free breast cancer screening, fun activities for children, informative workshops led by esteemed healthcare professionals as well as awareness discussions with breast cancer survivors, all aimed at equipping participants with valuable knowledge to make informed lifestyle and health-related decisions. Inspirational stories were additionally shared, highlighting the strength and resilience of individuals who have triumphed over breast cancer, serving as a beacon of hope for others.

Additionally, a unique ‘Play to Donate’ digital game engaged visitors in a collective effort to support breast cancer research, treatment and early detection, whereby KFH-Bahrain contributed 1,500 Bahraini Dinars to breast cancer prevention and treatment projects. The event saw an excellent turnout of participants who were eager to show their support for this cause and contribute towards spreading awareness.

Attendees also had the opportunity to interact with representatives of the partner local entities whom KFH Bahrain has collaborated with for organising this event including the London Breast Care Centre, SheMedic, and Al Hilal Hospital all of whom have showcased their commitment to supporting breast cancer causes. The participants were able to engage directly with experts, ask questions, and explore various avenues of support available within the community.

​​In this regard, Mr. Mohammed Fahmi Hamad, Executive Manager – Operations, Information Technology and Corporate Communications at KFH-Bahrain, said, “The ‘You Can’ initiative embodies KFH-Bahrain’s resolute commitment to advancing health awareness and serves as a testament to our comprehensive corporate social responsibility approach and sustainability efforts. By actively engaging in strategic partnerships and impactful initiatives, KFH-Bahrain reiterates its unwavering dedication to fostering health awareness and support. We shall continue our relentless advocacy for early detection and comprehensive support for breast cancer patients as part of our holistic commitment to the well-being of our community.”

Sara Zainalabedin, Head of Human Resources at KFH-Bahrain commented “The event aimed to foster a sense of unity and to support, educate and empower all society members to lead a better and healthier life. The profound support from the community members demonstrates the collective determination to overcome breast cancer and improve the lives of those affected by it. We would like to extend our gratitude to all partners, volunteers, and participants who contributed to the success of the event.  The collective efforts of everyone involved have made a significant impact on achieving the event’s objectives, and we are confident that the knowledge shared during the event will contribute to prevention and early detection, enhanced support and collaboration, and a prosperous outlook for all.”

Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain has also announced its support to London Breast Care Centre which will enable all KFH-Bahrain cardholders to get a 30% discount on all services provided by the Centre.

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