Information Technology Society Embraces Digital Transformation for Economic Advancement

The Bahrain Information Technology Society (BITS) marked a new chapter with its first meeting following the appointment of an interim board of directors by the Ministry of Development.

Led by Chairman Mr. Salah Al BinJassim, the board, comprised of Mr. Yaqoob Al-Awadhi, Mr. Jubran Ahmed AlGhaythi, Mr. Abdulnabi Mr. Abdulnabi, Ahmed Buhazza, Mrs. Maha Al-Banki, Mrs. Wafa Issa, and Mr. Riyadh Al-Maraj, unveiled a transformative vision for the coming period.

At the core of this strategy lies a dual commitment: accelerating the pace of digital transformation and empowering Bahraini talent within the information technology sector. This ambitious roadmap envisions leveraging technology as a driving force for economic development, propelling the sector towards even greater prosperity.

By harnessing the expertise and potential of its members, BITS aims to become a key catalyst for shaping a future where technology empowers both individuals and the nation.

“The Bahrain Information Technology Society (BITS) is embarking on a bold new era,” declared Mr. Salah Al BinJassim, Chairman of the Board, at meeting. “Our revamped strategy serves as a roadmap to fulfill our longstanding mission: transforming Bahrain into a thriving digital society and leveraging its robust technological infrastructure.”

Mr. Al BinJassim added: “As one of the Kingdom’s oldest professional societies for IT, established in 1981, BITS has played a pivotal role in Bahrain’s economic leadership and technological advancements. Now, we aim to push the boundaries further, stimulating innovation and development across all sectors of service and production.”

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, board member of the Bahrain Information Technology Society (BITS), emphasized the organization’s unwavering commitment to technology’s vital role in the Kingdom’s development.

“Since its inception, BITS has championed the power of communications and information technology,” Mr. Al Awadhi stated. “We view it as not only a key driver of economic progress, but also a crucial enabler for growth across diverse sectors and a bridge to future advancements.”

Recognizing the government’s strong support for the tech sector, Mr. Al Awadhi expressed his confidence in its continued contribution to achieving sustainable development and comprehensive digital transformation for Bahrain. His statement underlines BITS’ dedication to collaborating with stakeholders across industries and government to harness the transformative power of technology for the benefit of the Kingdom and its people.

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