INFINITI QX80: The Ultimate SUV Experience of Power, Luxury, and Innovative Safety

The INFINITI QX80, a prestigious and commanding presence on the UAE’s automotive scene, has solidified its reputation as a top-tier luxury SUV. With an array of powerful features, advanced technologies, and a commitment to safety, it seamlessly blends opulence with performance to offer a distinguished driving experience.

At the heart of the INFINITI QX80 lies a formidable 5.6-liter V8 engine that generates an impressive 400 horsepower and delivers a substantial 560 Nm of torque, paired with a responsive 7-speed automatic transmission, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride. Though, what sets the QX80 apart is its remarkable towing capacity of 2,000 kg, making it a versatile choice for those who prioritize absolute strength and capability in their SUV.

It is also the obvious choice for those who want safety to take center stage. INFINITI equips this SUV with a store of advanced features. The ProACTIVE Assist feature serves as a guardian on the highway, expert at managing speed and lane maintenance during slow-moving traffic or long-distance journey, while the Smart Rearview Mirror, featuring an LCD display and a rear-facing camera, offers enhanced visibility, especially when the view is obstructed by cargo or passengers.

INFINITI’s commitment to peace of mind continues with the Blind Spot Warning & Intervention system, that acts as an extra pair of vigilant eyes, warning drivers of other vehicles entering the blind spot during lane changes and even guiding the QX80 back into the correct position. The QX80’s Surrounding Sensing Technology, including the Around View Monitor and Backup Collision Intervention, provides an unparalleled awareness of the vehicle’s surroundings. These features are invaluable aids for navigating with confidence, especially in tight spots.

The INFINITI QX80 also incorporates a suite of highway assurance features, including Lane Departure Warning and Forward Emergency Braking. These systems work in harmony to react swiftly, guaranteeing security throughout long highway trips.

When it comes to boosting reliability, the QX80 boasts a robust list of features that include ISOFIX, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbag-Front, Driver Airbag, Child Safety Locks, Anti-Lock Braking System, Rear Seat Belts, Parking Sensors, Crash Sensor, Engine Check Warning, Tyre Pressure Monitor, Traction Control, and Lane Change Indicator. Collectively, these features elevate the profile of the QX80, solidifying its reputation as a reliable option for drivers.

The INFINITI QX80 perfectly aligns with the discerning preferences of the UAE market, catering to those who seek top-tier, secure, and formidable automobiles. With its commanding engine, cutting-edge technologies, and comprehensive suite of additional features, the QX80 emerges as an unrivaled symbol of excellence in the realm of luxury SUVs. It promises an unparalleled driving experience, delivering a harmonious blend of opulence, power, and protection within a singular, remarkable package.

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