iGA and Youth Ministry to highlight ” eShabab” services

The Information and eGovernment Authority’s (iGA) in cooperation with Youth Affairs Ministry invited the public to join the live session  ‘iGA Live’ on their instagram account which will talk about eShabab application, on Monday at 11 am.

The iGA launched ‘iGA Live’ sessions to reinforce awareness of eServices and projects offered via the National Portal, and application on the eGovernment App Store.

The session will focus on the eShabab application, which is developed by the iGA in collaboration with Youth Affairs Ministry and will showcase its range of features such as the programmes and events organised by the ministry and the option for users to register for these programmes or add them to their calendars; Youth City 2030 programme inquiries; submitting volunteering requests through the ‘Sawaed’ (arms) service; and viewing the list of challenges faced by government entities and submit suggestions to resolve them through ‘Almustashar’ (the advisor) service.

The goal of the virtual session is to give the youth an opportunity to share their suggestions and ask questions about the application and other eServices.

It aims to highlight the importance of effective communication with all segments of society and the significance of providing direct and online channels that enable active engagement and contribution to the development process.


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