How OPPO’s Proprietary Technology Helps Improve Work-Life Balance

In rapidly evolving work landscape, characterized by the rise in remote work and perpetual online connectivity, people are increasingly seeking ways to harness technology to preserve their digital well-being. OPPO, the global technology brand, has compiled useful ways that tech can achieve the perfect work-life balance – at least before AI changes everything.

Work smarter

First thing first, getting the job done. For individuals who work a flexible schedule, whether that includes travel or out-of-office hours, finishing tasks early could allow for more free time. So, it’s essential to prioritize maximizing efficiency and working diligently to reap benefits of increased leisure time.

OPPO’s latest Android-based operating system, ColorOS 13, features Multi-Screen Connect, designed for super-smart connectivity. Users can effortlessly screencast or transfer files across their OPPO phone, OPPO Pad Air, or a compatible PC, all without the hassle of cable and without consuming mobile data.

But that’s not all. ColorOS also introduces other time-saving features, such as the Smart Sidebar feature for notetaking, Floating Windows for multitasking, and Meeting Assistant, which automatically blocks non-essential notifications during meetings. All of these features collectively contribute to improved productivity and help individuals feel less overwhelmed with tasks.  

Earbuds in, world out

Sometimes, individuals need to concentrate for an hour or two, and on these occasions, it’s best to minimize distractions. The workplace can be noisy – Zoom calls, office chatter, or even just the constant clatter of keyboards. To achieve focus, a solution is needed.

The OPPO Enco X2 earbuds feature Ultra-wide Frequency Active Noise Cancelation, which effectively mute background distractions. Whether one prefers a podcast, their favorite music, or even silence, the ANC will allow individuals to focus on the job at hand. Moreover, they are ideal for commuting, so users can get a head start on their workload.

For moments of calm, individuals can explore O Relax, offering a varied selection of ambient sounds such as raindrops, rustling leaves, or gentle waves. Additionally, a breathing function is available to help alleviate stress. The emphasis is always on prioritizing mental well-being over work.

Monitoring screen time

Speaking of mental health, there’s no doubt that it’s undeniably linked to digital well-being. For many, a large portion of the day is spent glued to screens, whether it be a laptop, monitor, or smartphone. It is essential to monitor and keep track of screen time.

That is precisely why OPPO has designed Blossom Wallpaper and Insight AOD. On ColorOS 13, the animated wallpaper grows in response to screen time, turning metallic in colour once the preset maximum limit is exceeded. Insight AOD adds a visual cue to the display every time the phone is unlocked and locked, offering a clearer view of digital life. Both features are intended to encourage users to spend less time on their phones so they can focus on more important things in their work or free time.

Unplug and unwind

For many, leaving work at the office is a must. However, being more connected than ever means that smartphones often serve as a constant reminder of emails, meetings, or even messages from the boss.

With the Find N2 Flip, OPPO has introduced Quick Reply for the cover screen. A simple glance at notification helps individuals determine if it’s important or not, and they can decide to respond instantly with a selection of preset, customizable messages or emojis. There’s no need to unlock the phone and risk getting absorbed into a cycle of overworking.

If the temptation is still too strong, individuals can consider utilizing System Cloner. This feature allows the creation of a completely separate system that can be accessed via a password or fingerprint on the lock screen. It’s a convenient option that grants two distinct spaces on their phone: one for work and one for personal use.

Technology for mankind, kindness for the world

At OPPO, the vision is that technology should benefit mankind. Whichever path individuals choose to pursue their ideal work-life balance, OPPO firmly believes that technology can enhance productivity while simultaneously freeing up more time for self-care. Remember to set boundaries and not get sidetracked by work distractions. It’s about dedicating time to mindfulness and letting technology be a friend, not a foe.

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