Housing Ministry begins presenting alternative solutions to 2004 applications and prior

The Housing Ministry started contacting citizens with housing requests dating to 2004 and prior to present them with alternative housing solutions and options, according to the set timeline.

This comes in implementation of the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to allocate an allocation of an additional budget for financing solutions and alternative options for those who have applied for housing units in 2004 and prior.

Amna bint Ahmed Al Rumaihi, Housing Minister and Urban Planning, affirmed that the Ministry has prepared plan to receive citizens according to a schedule that accommodates all citizens, noting that the Ministry will communicate directly for setting dates for the Ministry’s review, to provide them with alternative solutions.

The Minister affirmed that this plan comes in line with other programs, “Tasheel” and “Mazaya” to immediate fulfillment housing requests for citizens, noting the large demand from citizens to transfer their requests from traditional services to financing options.

The housing plan will provide three alternative solutions for old housing requests for the year 2004 and prior.

The first option includes the allocation of a housing unit, subsidised by a financing of BD 40,000 through ‘Tasheel’ programme, while continuing the housing allowance for two years from the due date.

The second option is to provide a residential apartment for the beneficiaries with a financial grant of BD 3,000 and a two-year exemption from maintenance fees for shared areas though the beneficiaries union.

The third option is to grant beneficiaries the maximum financing provided through Tasheel, which is BD 70,000, in addition to a BD 10,000 grant.

The first and second options will be available to citizens with monthly income not exceeding BD 900, while the third option is for those whose monthly income ranges from BD 900-1500, the minister explained.


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