Hope Talents hosts first edition of “1% Mastermind”

Aymen Bin Tawfiq Almoayed, Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports and Chairman of Hope Fund, met with high-achieving local talents.

This came during the first edition of the “1% Mastermind” that was hosted by Hope Talents, the talent management arm of Hope Fund.

Almoayed met with Bahrain’s top-achieving talents to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and provide guidance on excelling in their careers.

The event brought together some of the country’s brightest minds, who are registered within the national database of Hope Talents, in an open discussion, creating an environment of inspiration, mentorship, and empowerment.

Almoayed highlighted the role of the youth in progressing Bahrain’s development and building a brighter future, highlighting that the Kingdom is considered the talent hub of the region.

He affirmed that Bahraini youth are the nation’s truest asset and hope for the future, supported by His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Representative of His Majesty the King for Humanitarian Work and Youth Affairs.

The “1% Mastermind” is a unique initiative that gathers Bahrain’s leaders with high-potential talents to bridge the gap, share experiences, foster leadership development, and instill hope among Bahrain’s youth.

Latifa Mohamed, General Manager of Hope Talents, said the initiative aims to identify and recognise outstanding talents within the top 1% of the national database as an incentive for their drive and professional success.

The event comes in line with Hope Talents’ commitment to providing career opportunities for Bahrainis, creating a platform for discussion and growth, and reaffirming the commitment to fostering an environment conducive to success and achievement within Bahrain’s youth.

Hope Talents is the talent management arm of the Hope Fund, which identifies, upskills, and recognises high-potential national talents in their journey toward professional development and achievement. Hope Talents provides enterprises with comprehensive human capital development and recruitment services.


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