Health Ministry keen to prevent infectious diseases through vaccines

Dr. Mohammed Abdul Majeed Ali Al Awadhi, the Director of Public Health, affirmed that Bahrain prioritises healthcare for the society, highlighting the development of Bahrain’s health sector. 

The government’s commitment to enhance progress and protect the society’s health and safety is evident in providing the best health services, particularly preventive services, he added. 

The Ministry of Health is implementing projects to enhance community health services, including a project to combat human papillomavirus-related cancers by introducing the vaccine to citizens and residents aged 12-13 to prevent these diseases and their complications, Dr. Al Awadhi said. 

Bahrain has made significant progress in combating infectious diseases and controlling pandemics by introducing vaccines into its national immunisation programme. 

The human papillomavirus vaccine, which aims to prevent cancers, is a result of joint efforts in disease prevention and health strategies, following a study of disease burden and prevention methods. 

Dr. Al Awadhi noted that the human papilloma virus can cause cervical cancer, the fourth most common type among women globally, and that over 95% of cases result from this infection.


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