Gulf Researcher, a full-service research firm, Headquartered in Bahrain, is celebrating its 10th year in business

Gulf Researcher, a full-service research firm, is celebrating its 10th year in business. Headquartered in Bahrain, the firm serves the needs of clients in the public and private sectors and has partnered with 100+ clients to empower informed decision making. Gulf Researcher has grown to be the leading research firm in the Middle East as it continues to expand its international presence.

Established in 2013 by founder and Managing Director Mahmood Al-Saleh, Gulf Researcher offers a suite of comprehensive research services including business, market and investment research that covers multiple sectors and industry verticals, as well as public policy analysis and media monitoring. Combining unrivalled research capabilities and varied expertise with tailored engagement models, Gulf Researcher pushes the boundaries to provide superior research and actionable insights that are tailored exclusively to its partners’ needs.

To mark this major company milestone, Gulf Researcher has invited all team members from its international offices to Bahrain to celebrate and take part in an anniversary event, which will also include an award ceremony honoring distinguished employees. “Gulf Researcher’s talented team members form the backbone of our success,” said Managing Director Mahmood Al-Saleh, “and this will be a memorable occasion during which all teams will come together in person.” 

To date, Gulf Researcher has successfully delivered impactful results for over 1,400 projects, drawing valuable insights from its diverse experts and analysts. The company has partnered on some of the most transformational public projects shaping the Gulf and greater Middle East region, leveraging its powerful local network and expertise to provide actionable data that complements partner capabilities.

In recent years, Gulf Researcher has embarked on a global growth strategy to expand to new markets, reach new clients and better serve local clients on the ground by providing exceptional services founded on a commitment to rigorous, best practice research methodologies and an ability to leverage cutting-edge innovations including artificial intelligence and data analytics.

The company has since opened new offices in India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia which have rapidly expanded the company headcount to around 70 employees. To enhance its position as a global, modern firm and to solidify its commitment to adopt best practices in information security, Gulf Researcher achieved the coveted ISO 27001 information security certification in 2022.

“In addition to our team of dedicated professionals, I would also like to thank our longstanding clients and partners. It has been an honor to work with you over the past decade and we couldn’t have done it without you,” said Mahmood Al-Saleh. “The company looks forward to continuing to work together as we embark on the next era of growth and innovation.”

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