Grow With Six Senses: Nurturing Sustainability and Wellness from a Young Age

Check into Six Senses and discover a world of fun-filled adventures for the little ones with ‘Grow With Six Senses’, which incorporates the six dimensions of wellness (social, environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual) so kids can reconnect with nature and gain useful life skills through play.

Programs vary from resort to resort, but the focus is on out-of-the-ordinary experiences: everything from the active (flying yoga, organic gardening, cooking workshops) to the relaxing (spa treatments, simple meditation, singing bowl workshops) and the creative with a local twist (Vietnamese origami, Portuguese tile painting, basic Arabic). It’s an adventure, and as they journey through each activity, they’ll get a new stamp for their personal Six Senses passport.

  1. Get artsy at Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Junior guests aged four to 11 can explore their artistic side at Six Senses Zil Pasyon’s Trouloulou’s Club. The club hosts a number of fun activities thoughtfully designed to ignite the imagination. Young guests can dive into creativity with mini mocktails, manicures, coconut painting, building sandcastles, writing letters in the sand, and even learning about food alchemy. They can also discover the richness of the local culture during an immersive Creole Dance Class.

It’s never too early to discover the secrets of sustainable living. Taking place over three days, with two 90-minute workshops per day, teens and families can join Six Senses Laamu’s Sustainability Camp to gain insights into the resort’s eco-friendly operations and learn how to develop essential skills for leading a more sustainable life back home. Each session is fun, interactive, and led by a designated guide to keep young minds engaged.

The Sustainability Camp incorporates the themes of “Zero Waste,” “Home Grown,” and “Nature Conservation.”

Discover the ancient art of Mosaico in the heart of Rome, a city rich with astounding cultural heritage. In this interactive session, children will embark on a creative journey, learning how to craft their very own mosaic piece of art. With small classes providing a relaxed and fun atmosphere, young learners can freely explore this timeless art process, igniting their creativity and imagination. They will gain hands-on experience and discover a diverse array of materials, including coloured ceramic tiles, stained glass, glue, and found objects. And the greatest reward? Taking their self-made mosaic masterpiece home, a cherished reminder of their artistic adventure at Six Senses Rome.

Learning through hands-on play, mini alchemists create their very own face masks, craft soaps, and fashion candles. Six Senses Kaplankaya’s Alchemy Bar activities offer an exciting opportunity for children and teens to delve into the fascinating world of natural ingredients and discover the wonders that lie within themselves and the world around them.

Six Senses Uluwatu’s ‘Be a Farmer’ program invites young adventurers get elbow deep in agriculture for the day. With a watering can in hand and a patch of fertile soil, they learn about plant life in a thriving garden located at the property, feed the friendly goats, and pick fresh produce. It’s a back-to-nature experience that kindles a passion for the environment and the importance of sustainable practices.

Wellness is for everyone, no matter the age, and at Six Senses Ibiza, little ones can experience the joy and serenity of yoga. Led by skilled experts who are passionate about nurturing young minds and bodies, Kid’s Yoga is a playful and engaging activity that introduces children to the world of mindfulness, inner balance, and physical well-being as they explore their bodies, emotions, and senses, and foster a sense of connection to themselves and the world around them.                 

Budding conservationists between four to twelve years old can join the Junior Eco Warrior program at Six Senses Yao Noi for a few hours daily to learn about sustainability behind the scenes and around the resort.

On Fun Farm day, young guests will enter a stress-free (and parent-free) zone at the Organic Egg Farm to collect fresh organic eggs before heading over to the Goat Family Farm for feeding time. Next, they visit the ducks for a peek into their daily life at the Duck Pool Villa, while learning the differences between a chicken egg and a duck egg. From there, Junior Eco Warriors return to the organic gardens collecting herbs and mushrooms from the Mushroom Hut for a pizza-making class.

On Nature Play Day, it’s off to the beach to learn the importance of keeping the surrounding ecosystem clean to protect marine life and preserve the natural environment. The quest continues with a stroll through a maze in the mangroves to spot various species of wildlife in their natural habitat, which may include an impromptu meet-and-greet by the resort’s resident monitor lizard, Jason, along the way. Recycle and upcycle forms the agenda on Re-Creation Day, where the young VIPs learn how trash can be turned into treasure through “Do-It-Yourself” projects and workshops where they’ll get to recycle candle wax remnants into new ones, learn how glass bottles are incorporated into plant pots and pavement bricks, and see how food waste is turned into compost.

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