Green Factory Label Fuels Bahrain’s Zero Neutrality Mission

In championing Bahrain’s dedication to achieving zero neutrality, H.E. Dr. Khaled Alalawi, Assistant Undersecretary for Industrial Development at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, underscored the pivotal role of the recently launched ‘Green Factory Label.’ Initiative. Rooted in the pillars of the Industrial Sector Strategy 2022-2026, this initiative strives to propel sustainable industrialization, fortify the circular carbon economy, and advance environmental and social governance.

Dr. Alalawi elaborated on the program’s multifaceted approach during his engagement at the forum titled “The Role of the Industrial Sector in Achieving Carbon Emissions to Net Zero,” a collaborative effort by Alwane Bahrain Society and TAHA International Company for Industrial Services.

The ‘Green Factory Label’ not only symbolizes Bahrain’s proactive stance on environmental responsibility but also promises a host of benefits and incentives for its recipients, in a strategic partnership with the private sector.

H.E. Dr. Khaled Alalawi stated: “To secure the ‘Green Factory Label,’ industrial establishments must meet stringent eligibility criteria. This includes the imperative of reusing 10% of industrial waste in their production processes and relying on 10% renewable energy to power their facilities.”

“Additionally, these establishments are required to possess a carbon capture unit, an advanced system for monitoring air and environmental pollutant emissions, and a robust mechanism for calculating greenhouse gases (GHG). Furthermore, adherence to comprehensive environmental and social governance policies is an essential prerequisite for obtaining this prestigious label.”

H.E. Dr. Alalawi emphasized the significant impact of the initiative in promoting solar energy adoption, instilling circular carbon economy and environmental governance principles in the industrial sector. The initiative strives to cultivate a culture of sustainability and green production, aligning with responsible production goals for sustainable development. It also serves as a catalyst for factories to embrace advanced technologies, reducing their carbon footprint. Anchored in the sector’s strategy for the Industry 4.0, the initiative encourages the application of circular carbon economy concepts, promotes investments in technological infrastructure, and enhances supply chain efficiency through strategic industrial integration.

In his speech at the forum, Mr. Frank Pollmann, Chairman of TAHA International Industrial Services Company, showcased the company’s dedication to assisting global partners in the aluminum industry. He emphasized TAHA’s commitment to delivering a competitive and environmentally friendly industrial product by actively promoting its patented technology on a global scale. This technology has proven to be remarkably effective, achieving a reduction in carbon emissions of over 81% when compared to traditional TRF methods.

Mr. Pollmann said: “The adoption of this groundbreaking technology by industrial companies not only diminishes carbon emissions but also amplifies production capacity within industrial facilities. Additionally, it facilitates the integration of advanced technology in manufacturing processes, all while prioritizing environmental conservation. TAHA proudly plays a role in advancing the Kingdom of Bahrain’s journey towards carbon neutrality, underscoring the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence in this domain for the foreseeable future.”

Mr. Ammar Awachi, CEO of TAHA International Industrial Services Company, highlighted that the company’s initiative in organizing the forum underscores its commitment to supporting industrial sector companies in strengthening their dedication to diverse environmental issues. This initiative is at the core of the company’s commitment to achieving sustainable development goals, transitioning towards a green economy, curbing carbon emissions, and ensuring the longevity of resources for future generations.

“We express our sincere appreciation for the dynamic engagement of the Assistant Undersecretary for Industrial Development at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in the forum. We recognize and highly value the profound significance of his invaluable ideas and perspectives on critical environmental, climate, and carbon neutrality matters.” Mr. Awachi concluded.

Mrs. Amal Janahi, distinguished Board Member of Alwane Bahrain Society, affirmed the Society’s commitment as it hosts this forum for the second time. This endeavor exemplifies the Society’s unwavering dedication to actively contribute to environmental preservation, foster widespread environmental awareness, and underscore the pivotal role of the industrial sector in achieving sustainability across various dimensions.

Aligned seamlessly with the Bahrain Blueprint National Action Plan, targeting carbon neutrality by 2060, Mrs. Janahi lauded the exceptional efforts of the Society’s Environmental Committee in orchestrating the forum. She also expressed admiration for the overarching initiatives of the esteemed government, particularly through the Supreme Council for the Environment, in leading the charge for environmental preservation and endorsing diverse pathways toward sustainable development.

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