GIG Gulf revolutionizes customer experience with seamless UAE PASS integration

GIG Gulf, a leading insurance provider in the MENA region, has taken a noteworthy step by integrating UAE PASS, the UAE’s digital identity platform, into their purchase funnel. This integration will enable a seamless and fast document-sharing process for customers purchasing motor insurance through GIG Gulf.

The collaboration with UAE PASS aims to simplify the customer experience by allowing customers to easily upload their required documents, such as personal identification documents, driving license, and car ownership certificates. This is achieved by connecting GIG Gulf’s system to the UAE PASS Digital Vault, which stores and shares government-validated documents securely. New customers can now choose to process their applications through UAE PASS within the GIG Gulf website by simply scanning a QR code that allows them to consent to the sharing of their personal data before completing their applications.

Paul Adamson, CEO of GIG Gulf, commented: “We are extremely proud to work alongside the UAE government to leverage the innovative initiatives of the country. This collaboration with UAE PASS allows us to deliver an exceptional customer experience, reflecting our customer-first mindset and dedication to keeping pace with the fast-changing consumer behavior in the digital landscape.

By joining forces with UAE PASS, we have reaffirmed our commitment to working with the government to help unleash the vast potential of the digital economy. We recognize that as a pioneer in digital insurance solutions, we have the potential to deliver the speed and ease of access that consumers expect. And, as the largest multi-line regional insurer, we have a unique responsibility to support the UAE Digital Economy Strategy, which aims to double the contribution of the digital economy to the country’s GDP to 19.4 per cent within 10 years.”

The integration of UAE PASS will reduce the time it takes for customers to purchase motor insurance through GIG Gulf to less than two minutes, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process. This move positions GIG Gulf as the most advanced player in the field, reflecting its unwavering commitment to digital innovation and customer centricity.

Mohammed Al Khamis, Director – Development Department at the UAE Telecommunication and Digital Government Regulatory Authority, added: “This partnership between GIG Gulf and UAE PASS is a testament to the UAE’s relentless pursuit of digital transformation. By integrating UAE PASS, GIG Gulf is not only streamlining the customer experience but also contributing to a broader vision of a smart and digitally empowered nation. Their efforts enable us to deliver more efficient, customer-centric services to the public, in line with our objective to make the UAE a leading digital economy. Through collaborations like these, we are building an ecosystem where innovation thrives and the lives of citizens and residents are enriched through technology.Click here to explore GIG Gulf’s motor insurance options and experience a seamless journey today

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