General Directorate of Civil Defense joins Tawasul system

The General Directorate of Civil Defense joined the National Suggestions and Complaints System “Tawasul”, in coordination with the Information and eGovernment Authority (IGA).

This step aims to ensure swift communication with citizens and residents, allowing them to submit inquiries, observations, and suggestions through Tawasul website or by downloading the Tawasul application available on the e-Government Applications Store.

Tawasul enables citizens and residents to submit inquiries, suggestions, and observations related to the responsibilities of Civil Defense directorates, including the Protection and Safety Directorate, Administrative Affairs Directorate, Operations Directorate, Civil Defense School, Muharraq Public Security Complex, Crisis and Disaster Management Directorate.

This includes queries regarding electronic payments for protection and safety services, awareness lectures offered by the Administrative Affairs Directorate, or training courses such as first aid courses provided by the Civil Defense School. It also covers submitting applications to the Muharraq Public Security Complex through the “Mawaeed” (appointments) application.

A specialised team will respond to all inquiries through the platform, by working on addressing observations, reviewing suggestions, and being prepared to offer full support to the public.

Tawasul was launched in January 2014 as a unified national platform developed to instantly connect the public with the ministries and government entities in Bahrain, enabling active  participation in decision-making for the public to voice their ideas, opinions or complaints about services, policies, and government projects.

In 2016, Tawasul application was launched to further enhance the system’s role in dealing with various cases, incorporating features such as enabling GPS sharing, document uploading, and utilising the capabilities of smartphone.

Other enhancements include image categorisation, expressing appreciation to employees or entities, creating a dedicated channel for investor complaints regarding commercial licenses, and introducing a profile creation feature that streamlines the input of personal information for subsequent applications.

The system also incorporates a satisfaction survey regarding government responses, effectively uses alerts and notifications, and establishes criteria for evaluating the performance of government entities.

It also enables the assessment of a government entity’s response within 14 days.

As of now, a total of 56 government entities have joined the Tawasul system.

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