GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre and Eastern Province Municipality Unite to Boost Engineers’ Qualifications

Dr. Kamal Al Hamad, the esteemed Secretary General of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre, engaged in fruitful discussions with His Excellency Eng. Fahad Al-Jubeir, the distinguished Mayor of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.

The discourse revolved around fostering a robust partnership aimed at enriching the skills and knowledge of the Eastern Province Municipality’s engineers in the specialized domain of commercial arbitration pertaining to engineering endeavors. This high-level meeting transpired at the prestigious headquarters of the Municipality.

The meeting focused on formulating a comprehensive action plan for the implementation of collaborative programs aimed at augmenting the skill set of engineers within the Eastern Province Municipality. The emphasis was placed on their proficiency in the legal domain, conflict resolution strategies, and a thorough understanding of potential disputes that may arise during project execution.

Additionally, the agenda encompassed the latest techniques in drafting construction and real estate contracts, delving into the legal and regulatory framework governing commercial arbitration in the engineering sector. A key objective was to encourage the engineers to leverage arbitration as a potent tool for resolving disputes related to engineering and infrastructure projects, ultimately fostering confidence and stability in the business and engineering investment landscape.

Dr. Kamal Al Hamad, Secretary-General of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre, conveyed the Centre’s eagerness to engage in a robust exchange of expertise and best practices, with the Eastern Province Municipality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The focus of this collaboration is Centered on contemporary engineering issues, the refinement of commercial arbitration procedures in alignment with modern patterns of engineering disputes, and the augmentation of engineers’ comprehension of relevant procedures and laws.

Furthermore, Dr. Al-Hamad highlighted the Centre’s commitment to providing specialized engineering experts who can actively participate in arbitration processes by offering invaluable advice. He underscored the significance of this partnership in furnishing the engineering environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with specialized competencies, cutting-edge technologies, and contemporary practices. The ultimate goal is to enhance efficiency and quality in engineering endeavors, aligning them with the evolving needs of the legal business environment.

Dr. Al-Hamad also expressed the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre’s preparedness to extend essential support for the benefit of engineering cadres, streamlining contracting processes, and mitigating commercial and legal risks associated with engineering projects. This dual approach aims at advancing the engineering sector and elevating the standard of services provided across various sectors of building and construction.

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