Forging Dynamic Tech Partnerships essential to Fuel “Digital Economy Strategy: Al-Awadhi

Businessman and technical expert, Mr. Yaqoob Al-Awadhi, emphasized the significance of forging partnerships with information and communication technology firms within Bahrain’s private sector for the successful implementation of the recently launched “National Strategy for the Digital Economy” by the esteemed government. His aim is to ensure that the strategy’s objectives are achieved with maximum effectiveness.

“This new strategy represents an audacious and forward-thinking vision aimed at diversifying the nation’s sources of income. It serves as a fundamental pillar for achieving comprehensive digital transformation across various sectors and laying the foundation for a prosperous digital future.”

According to Mr. Al Awadhi.

“We hope that this strategy would play a pivotal role in doubling the digital economy’s contribution to the GDP and ultimately positioning the Kingdom of Bahrain as preeminent center for a thriving digital economy regionally and globally.”

Mr. Al-Awadhi, who is the founder and CEO of NGN International, a leading Bahraini IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company, highlighted Bahrain’s remarkable progress in the realm of digital transformation. He commended the Kingdom for positioning itself as one of the leading nations in these domains. He also underscored the significance of the 48 programs encompassed by the strategy, which represent a crucial step toward realizing the nation’s objectives in preparing for the digital economy.

“These initiatives are pioneering steps toward elevating Bahrain’s standing in the United Nations e-government report’s e-participation index. They are instrumental in opening new avenues for development and innovation while bolstering the Kingdom’s capacity to construct an advanced digital infrastructure. This, in turn, provides fresh resources to bolster the economy, reducing dependence on limited traditional resources.”

Mr. Al-Awadhi emphasized that the national strategy for the digital economy will stimulate growth in Bahrain’s productive, service, and economic sectors, as well as the ICT sector and the digital economy. This growth will leverage the Kingdom’s digital readiness across all operational facets, enhancing its competitiveness, efficiency, productivity, and capacity for production and exports. Furthermore, it will increase its contribution to the GDP and generate high-quality job opportunities for its citizens.

Mr. Al Awadhi recognized the strategy’s significance as a valuable knowledge resource for the development of technological and economic infrastructure, supporting development projects and fostering economic growth opportunities. He also acknowledged the Bahraini government’s commitment to adopting qualitative initiatives and forward-looking visions, aimed at achieving international leadership and enhancing the Kingdom’s competitiveness across various domains. This entails staying at the forefront of advanced technology and implementing innovative and proactive solutions in governmental operations and all sectors.

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