Food security among BCCI’s priorities

Khalid Ali Al-Ameen, Chairman of the Food Sector Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has unveiled a proposal to set up an institutional food entity in the kingdom.

The entity shall be responsible for proposing food-related regulations and legislation, issuing the necessary permits and attracting investments, he said.

Addressing a dialogue session on BCCI’s role in achieving food security, Al-Ameen stressed that food security is among BCCI’s priorities, noting that it is an essential partner to all the relevant government authorities in their efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in commodities and foodstuffs by increasing local production and ensuring its sustainability.

He indicated that the BCCI is currently studying a package of projects through which food security will be enhanced, noting that the Kingdom has food stocks of up to six months, calling on everyone to be reassured and not to be misled by misleading rumours.

He asserted that the BD20-million promising “Silos” Project, whose shares will be offered for public subscription later this year, is expected to be launched soon, as its agreements had been signed prior to the pandemic.

The “Halal Centre” project, which will facilitate exportation procedures, and the Gulf Company for Shrimp Farming, are among other promising projects aimed at achieving food security.

He affirmed that BCCI is coordinating with all relevant government agencies in order to enhance food security, overcome potential obstacles, facilitate citizens’ lives, and not add any financial burdens to families.


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