FLOOSS Introduces 6 Banks to Its Open Banking Integration

FLOOSS has achieved a groundbreaking milestone, by offering approvals for loan applications from just 6 minutes.  This revolution in the financial industry has been achieved in collaboration with Tarabut Gateway W.L.L.  Resulting in streamlined access for all FLOOSS customers.  

FLOOSS users who are customers of Ila Bank, NBB, BBK, BISB, KFH, and Al Salam Bank can now benefit from the enhanced services offered by Open Banking. This strategic expansion demonstrates FLOOSS’s commitment to providing its customers with an unparalleled user experience.

By harnessing the power of Open Banking, FLOOSS now offers lightning-fast loan approvals, with applications processed and decisions made within an unprecedented six-minute timeframe.

This innovative integration of Open Banking technology has once again prioritized its customers and community; offering a simpler experience, which at the end of the day is what people want.

Open Banking has emerged as a transformative force, enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering competition and innovation within the financial sector. FLOOSS’ commitment to leveraging this technology exemplifies its dedication to revolutionizing the loan approval process, challenging traditional norms, and inspiring other financial institutions to embrace change.

“Simply this innovation is not about technology, it is about proving the best customer experience possible, that has always and will remain to be our mission,” said 

Fawaz Ghazal, CEO at FLOOSS

“By streamlining the loan approval process, we are empowering individuals to access finance swiftly and efficiently, thereby catalyzing their growth and success.”

FLOOSS’s integration of Open Banking technology has not only propelled the company into the forefront of financial efficiency but also positioned it as a catalyst for industry-wide disruption. With a clear vision for the future, FLOOSS plans to forge new partnerships and collaborations to further enhance the financial landscape, continuing its mission to revolutionize the loan approval process and drive financial efficiency through cutting-edge technology.

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